Meeting Minutes >> August 2006 Minutes
August 2006 Minutes

August 17, 2006  2:00 PM




Board Members Present:

Ruth Reynolds- President

Rick Clayton Sat in Ted Gartman   Vice President / Programs, Education, Budget & Finance

Audra Coleman Vice President / Membership

Jeff Kiker Treasurer

Larry Flannery Vice President / Legislative and Legal

Steve Mitchell Vice President / Ethics and By-Laws


Board Members not Present

Robert (Monty) Clark 

Leanne B. Cloudman



Welcome and Call to Order

President Ruth Reynolds called the meeting to order at 2:15pm 



Ruth welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the membership for coming. She identified that we do require all cell phones to be either turned off or on mute. If you do need to take a call, please take the call outside the room.




Ruth announced we have had some changes on the board since the last meeting.  Thalis Ellis has moved to Colorado to take a new job and Steve Mitchell has agreed to step up and take the position until the end of the year. Jim Mabry has resigned and Audra Coleman has agreed to step up and take the position. I would like to thank both these people for helping us out.



Members In Attendance


Tom Rose                     Kiker Investigations       

Rick Clayton                Allied Legal Services     

Kristie W. Land           Wilson & Wilson Investigations      

Dick Wilson                  Wilson & Wilson Investigations   

Jim Davis                      Sandhills Security & Investigations      

Keith Hollen                  Eagle Eye Detective Agency       

Mauro Capobianco       Anova Investigations     

Christopher  Mayhew    Cameo Investigations       

Steve Mitchell                Associates Investigative Consulting          

George Funderburke     Funderburke Investigations      

Hayden Church             Track'Um PI     



Guest Speaker –


Kathryn Moyse from DNA Security Inc. located in  Burlington NC.

Kathryn presented a slide show where she talked about the types of DNA testing they can perform. They run test on cigarette butts, dried fluid stains, (including blood, saliva and semen) teeth, chewing gum, amniotic fluid, and fingernail clipping, bones, urine, hair follicles. She spoke about the different ways to preserve a specimen in order to get the best lab results possible.   Some of the items that DNA can be found are envelops, stamps you lick, clothing, bed sheets and item that comes in contact with the human skin or bodily fluids. She stated DNA Security would charge the NCAPI members full price for the first search ran and half price for the second search ran.

She concluded her presentation by taking questions and giving answers.





Secretary’s Report



Legislative and Legal   Larry



Motion to accept





Membership  Audra

No written report

Audra stated we have 6 new members. The board it working very had on the up coming Educational conference. We are inviting PI’s all across NC and SC and we are calling PI that are not members to inform them about the conference. Also if anyone know a PI who is not a member please tell them about the conference.

Training and Education –  Rick sat in for Ted




Motion to accept




Ethics and By-Laws   Steve

No written report

Steve stated if there are any questions he can answer please let him know. He will look into things and find answers.

Treasurer's Report

$  8035.73 Money Market

$   808.30 Pack Fund

$  3686.77 Checking

$   3490.00 Lobbyist fund

$ 10,000.00 in CD’s


 He stated Dave Shaffer has requested his lobbyist donation be returned. Jeff stated that will be written out of the lobbyist fund and will reflect the next checking account statement.


Motion to accept










Hayden Church ask about the money that was taken by the governor of North Carolina. He was told the amount was approximately $ 850,000,000.00 . He advised that we should consider putting adds in local news papers all over the state complaining about the money being taken. He stated we need to find a way to get the money back because that helps with our education programs.

Ruth agreed that we need to have periodical press releases about the issue. Hayden stated it would be a good time since this is election year.



Larry wanted to let everyone know about the educational conference. This is one of the largest we have taken on. We feel the members will gain a wealth of information. He stated he will be glad to learn more info on computers than just how to turn them on.

He stated Audra has been keeping people updated on all the up coming events for the conference. Some members stated they are not getting the emails. Audra advised to please keep your email address updated with the NCAPI to stay up to date on events and meetings.



Ruth advised we have the annual meeting coming up in January and in order to get the best price on motel room we need to book the meeting far in advance. She has visited the Adams Mark Hotel which has been changed to the Twin City Quarters. She also visited the Embassy Suites and the Marriott. She is working very hard to get the best rates on rooms.



Ruth thanked everyone for taking the time to attend the meeting and she appreciates everyone’s time.


Ruth advised our next meeting will be in December in Raleigh. She stated that the PPS would be meeting in October. She said she will be present for that meeting and any other board members that can attend. She hopes anyone else who can make will attend.



The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.

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