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April 2005 Minutes

NCAPI Meeting Minutes

April 23 2005




Welcome  - 


Monty welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the membership for coming. He identified we would start with the Board reports.


Secretaryís Report  - Christine Covington


Christine identified it had been brought to her attention that some members were not receiving emails from the association. She identified that the problem should have been corrected. (There was a problem with her email program.)

Motion to accept.




Treasurerís Report  - Marti Miller


Marti identified we have the following in our accounts:


$     808.30   Pac Fund

$  3,384.35   Lobbyist Fund

$18,464.09   Checking

$22,656.74   Total


Motion to accept.





Ethics & By-Laws  - Larry Flannery


Larry wanted to remind us that if we find out about unlicensed activity, please notify him so that he can file a complaint on behalf of the Association. That way you don't have to be singled out as the one to complain.

One of the members wanted to know if we are, or could, follow-up with the PPSB to see if anything comes of our complaints.


We are doing what we can to get any information on all complaints.


Monty identified if we receive a complaint against a member, we will look into the complaint. If it is a non-member, we will refer the client to the PPSB for the complaint.


Motion to accept.




Legal & Legislative  - John McGee


John brought up the 74C rewrite is still on the agenda. We are working to try to address our issues with the rewrite.

Thalia identified while we were at the PPSB, there has been a new association NCASP, North Carolina Association of Security Professionals who now want to have a say on the 74C re-write.


Ted wanted to know if we wanted to offer, or accept, Associate Membership to the NCASP. At this point, since their organization has just been formed and they only have 13 members, we have decided to hold off on offering, or accepting, Associate Memberships.


Ruth identified that 74C re-write will probably not pass this year. This will give us time to really work out some problems we have with the current bill. (Like badges and computer forensics).


Christine brought up that Mr. McDarris is in the process of making 6 technical changes to 74C.

1.   Adding a statute of limitations to appeals for denial of licensure.

2.   Delete reference in 74C-3 to the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

3.   Add specific language to the screening pertaining to denying an application due to lack of financial responsibility.

4.   Add language to identify Investigative Reports is to remain confidential until after hearings.

5.   Add language about Defensive spray. (I.e. pepper spray)

6.   Add time periods for armed/unarmed certificates.


Motion to accept.




Training & Education  - Thalia Ellis


Ruth and Thalia both went to the PPSB Training subcomittee.

Thalia identified the Unarmed Trainer Workshops are coming. We are waiting for the final list of dates and locations.


All Unarmed Trainers will have to complete the workshop and reapply. If Unarmed Trainers do not reapply and complete the workshop by 1 August, they will have to reapply and complete the 3-day instructor class.


Currently there are 600 Unarmed Trainers in the state. Only 300 have responded thus far.


The PPSB will attempt to try to recoup the cost of production of the Videos by charging a $20.00 fee for copies. The first copy is at no cost.


The question came up if PIís have to complete the Armed Guard training. Thalia identified, Yes.


Thalia also identified that if, as a PI, you wanted carry a weapon, now is the time to get your certification before the hourly requirements increase.


There will be a Fire Arms Instructor Conference in Salemburg 2-3 June.


Motion to accept.




Membership - Ted Gartman


Our current membership is 170, plus 7 Associate / Staff Memberships. We also have 5 new members today.

Credentials  - Ted and Marti met with the PPSB in Raleigh on 14 April to discuss our credential concerns. Berkley Blanks, Mac Donaldson, Doc Hoggard, Wayne Woodard and Shannon Hunt were all present. Bubba Rossa gave them a presentation from Data Card. The PPSB was also shown leather credential cases from Strong Leather. These cases fit the dimensions of the new plastic credential card and have a suede divider to protect the plastic window on the credential case. Strong Leather guaranteed Ted that they could provide the new black leather cases at the same price the as the currently PI cases. In addition, Strong Leather identified they could either screen or emboss the credential case at no extra cost.


There was discussion that the PPSB is concerned that they donít think they have sufficient funds for the equipment. However, they are looking into it.


Basic Private Investigator Curriculum Ė Ted, Thalia, Ruth, Rex Lilly, and Rick Clayton met 22 April to discuss proposed rough drafts of the curriculum for the community college education course. They also shared ideas on the lesson plans and target objectives for the course.


Website  - Ted identified the link for the Superconference had been changed to correctly identify the updated location.

Ted also identified that Troy Fleming would be attending the Superconference as a vendor for NALI (National Association of Legal Investigators).


Marketing  - Ted identified that he designed an email that was distributed to the PIís that we had obtained last year encouraging them to become a member.


Members began discussing trying to increase membership, like with a membership drive.


When the members asked why we are not mailing to solicit, we explained that the postage alone is over $575.00.  We would only get about a 10-20% response rate.


The board identified we donít have the immediate answer as to how to increase membership. We are open to ideas. Our best recruiting is still our members. We should all be getting PIís to join the organization.


Christine identified one of the reasons she has seen. She receives the listing of all PI and PIA's in the state. She explained that every PI in her organization is a member of the NCAPI. There are several companies that only have one or two members. With the upcoming fights we will be having in North Carolina and in the Federal government it is now more important than ever to get all PIís to band together.


A member suggested a corporate membership.


It was suggested that we might be able to restart the breakfast meetings that we used to have.


Our membership will increase when Continuing Education becomes a requirement.


We will be addressing the CE requirements through seminars.


We have been approved to provide CE by both the PPSB and SLED.


It was identified that we feel that the Basic PI Course can bring a better understanding of whom we are.


We can also approach Attorneys to become Business Members, non-voting members.


A new member brought up that several companies tell their associates that the NCAPI is just getting together for socials and we canít get anything done. We need to try to correct that misimpression.


There was discussion about approaching the PPSB to ask them to include a letter from the NCAPI with each new PI or PIA license congratulating them and advising them about the NCAPI. We decided to work on getting copies of the screening committee instead and can send directly to the new PI or PIA.


During the PPSB meeting we attempted to get the PPSB to start obtaining email addresses from all PI and PIAís. We are not sure if they will follow through.


Monty brought up that we needed to look around the room, he identified that there were no former Association Presidents in the audience. He stated that we had been working for 10 years to bring the Association back to where it is now.


It always come down to what can the Association do for me?


We all as members need to be responsible to correct the misimpressions of the past. We should be trying to bring PIís the information.


Past President  - Ruth Reynolds


Ruth wanted to recognize Rick Clayton for all his efforts on the Basic PI Course.

We presented 4 of the 7 topic rough drafts to the PPSB for the Basic PI Course.


Mac Donaldson formed a Basic Education Subcommittee Ė

David Grimes

Grady Connors

John Greico


We are going to ask the PPSB to make the class mandatory for all PI or PIA applicants.


It will give a better understanding of Private Investigations.


The PPSB has agreed to move the Asheville meeting to August instead of October.


Ruth reiterated that we should all go out and find PIís that do not know about our Association, or those that have a false impression of what we are doing, and try to have them come and see what we are about. Please feel free to have them contact a Board Member if they have any questions.


Motion to Accept.


Presidents Report  - Monty Clark


SuperConference Ė

The Explanation Ė On 1 April, the Marriott contacted us and advised that they did not feel we were meeting their expectations on room reservations. We advised that many attendees wait until the last month to be sure they would be able to attend.


On 8 April they identified if we did not provide a very large sum of money, they would cancel our conference.


We have the agreement reviewed by Attorneys. The Marriott then began to try to renegotiate. They agreed to allow us to keep our conference if we agreed to a 3-year contract for more conferences. We declined.


Thankfully the Crown Reef IV was able to accommodate our conference.

We are working on moving the Banquet from Friday night to Thursday night so that people can try to get back Friday since we have no activities on Saturday.


Motion to Accept.


New Business


Fred McKinney asked why shouldn't the Association reimburse some of the boards expenses.

Monty responded that all of the board members are volunteers. We knew what would be involved when we made our decisions.


The board made a decision to send $500.00 to the NCISS to help in the cause toward keeping access to ďpublic informationĒ.


Christine identified that the future Database fight is a bigger reason for all PI Associations be as strong as possible.


Fred McKinney also identified he had been to the Crown Reef IV and found the location to be nice. He was concerned about the level of service in the restaurant, but he was not displeased with the location. He identified that we need to check in directly at the Crown Reef IV, not at the Crown Reef I-III consolidated check in.


Motion to Adjourn.



Members Present


E.J Tomson.........................AA Detective Services
Harris Kern..........................Brockwell Investigations
R.E. Wilson.........................WWI

Thalia Ellis...........................Progressive Investigations

Phillip Bradshaw..................Kiker Investigations

Jeff Kiker.............................Kiker Investigations

Frank Kiker..........................Kiker Investigations

Helen Kiker..........................Kiker Investigations

Cyndy Gunter......................Tarheel Investigations

Jim Mabry............................Fore-Sight

Monty Clark.........................Clark & Associates

Bill Shafer............................Angelarc Surveillance

Larry Flannery.....................Scott & Associates

Audra Coleman....................Cameo Investigations

Fred McKinney....................Southeastern Investigations

Leanne Cloudman................RPS Charlotte

Rick Clayton.........................Allied Legal

Christine Covington..............Blake Investigations

Jeffrey Covington.................Blake Investigations

Ruth Reynolds......................Reynolds Professional

Marti Miller............................A-1 Services

Ted Gartman........................N-Focus Investigations

John McGee........................McGee Investigations

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