Meeting Minutes >> January 2005 - Annual Conference and Elections
January 2005 - Annual Conference and Elections

NCAPI Annual Meeting

22 January 2005



Board Members Present:

Ruth Reynolds
Robert (Monty) Clark
Allen Innes
Dave Shaffer
Ted Gartman
Marti Miller
Christine Covington

Board Members Not Present:

Rex Lilly


We start with the board reports.

Training & Education - Dave Shaffer 

Nothing to report at this time. Dave also wanted to let the membership know how much he had enjoyed serving them.

Ethics & By-Laws - Allen Innis


Allen identified he will defer to Christine about a couple of by-laws changes. He acknowledged that he has moved out of state. He has resigned his board position.

Membership - Ted Gartman


Ted wanted to let us know that he has been working with IRB Search to obtain special deals for our members. New members to the Association will receive 250 free searches within a 30-day trial period. Current members of the Association who are already clients of IRB will receive 50 free searches when they call IRB and mention of the spring SuperConference.


Credentials – Marti Miller has been in contact with Berkley Blanks and Mack Donaldson about our credentials. They are willing to work with us about the credentials, but all of the individuals covered under PPSB have to be able to be handled by the system we come up with. Ted has been in contact with Bubba Russo of Smith Advertising in Garner who retails a product that could be of assistance.


Survey  - The PPSB has asked for the opinion of the PI’s about what type of training we think the would be beneficial for continuing education. This email will be sent shortly. Please take a moment to respond to it.


Application  - Ted identified he has redesigned the Membership Application and loaded it to the website.


Introduction to Private Investigation Studies – Ted has been in contact with Rick Clayton who has been working on the CE curriculum, about training targeting individuals who are interested in a career in Private Investigation.  The PIS would contain 5 core-required courses and be taught over a semester’s time. These courses would count towards the PPSB required hours for licensing.

Topics would include:

Investigative Principals

Ethics and Professionalism

Investigative Report Writing

North Carolina Licensing Statutes & Investigators Safety

Firearms and Mental Preparedness


Ted wanted to let the membership know how much he has enjoyed working for the members this year. We have made great strides this year and hope to keep the momentum up.

Motion to Accept


Treasurers Report  - Marti Miller


Marti identified the current balances:

$12,396.99  NCAPI Checking

$    -210.48  Check not cleared yet

$12,186.51  Total Checking


$808.30    PAC Fund


$3,520.00   Lobbyist Account

$16,154.81    Total Funds


Bill Fletcher audited the books on 19Jan05. All accounts have balanced.


Motion to Accept Bills Report




Identification - The subject of our ID’s caused much discussion.  There was question about the size the identification should be. Should it be a card, or the current paper equivalent? This has been a long hard road to get to the point that the PPSB will even consider changing the ID’s. The PPSB has made it crystal clear that any ID we decide on (if it is approved) will be utilized in some fashion for all individuals covered by the PPSB. They will not entertain a different type of ID for us than everyone else. One of the members had three different type/size ID’s that were passed around the to show the difference.


Badges are still being discussed in the 74C rewrite, but are unlikely to be passed.


The discussion was tabled until the next meeting in Raleigh in February.


Motion to Accept.


Past President - Monty Clark 

Monty wanted to remind everyone that the SuperConference is coming up in May. He explained that the trip would be tax deductible since it is a business expense.  

South Carolina is going to accept the conference as Continuing Education credit.

The Marriott is a wonderful resort right on the beach. This is a new facility and they have a negotiated room rate at $130.00 until our room block runs out. The resort has many amenities.


Please visit

Secretary's Report - Christine Covington 

Christine wanted to thank Barbara Roundbehuler for pointing out that contact information at the bottom of was incorrect. It has been corrected.


She also identified that non-renewed members will be removed from the website on 31 January 2004. She will also restrict access to the newsgroup on that date.


Christine wanted to make sure that everyone realized how important it was to update her with correct email information. On the last email that was sent to the membership, 10 email addresses were wrong.


Also, all notifications from the board, being sent by the secretary will change from my business email to


There was discussion that all requests to have information disseminated to the membership will not be honored. If information is sent from the board, it gives implied approval to whatever product or service.  The board reserves the right to not forward information to the membership.


Christine wanted everyone to know that after each PPSB meeting she obtains a copy of the current PI/PIA listings. She then verifies that everyone being displayed on our website is still licensed. If anyone drops their license, they will be removed pending re-licensing.


By-Law Changes –


There are 2 by-law changes for the members to vote on.

Article III
Section 7


The Fiscal year of the ASSOCIATION is set on the calendar year, January 1st through December 31st. Annual dues are due and payable on or before January 1st. New members who join between January 1st and June 30th will pay 100 percent of the annual dues fee. New members who join between July 1st and December 31st will pay a prorated membership fee, not to exceed 50 percent of the annual dues. The prorated amount will be voted on by the NCAPI Board at the annual conference and will remain in effect until the next annual conference. All new and renewal members will receive a certificate upon being duly voted on and approved by the NCAPI Board. Members who renew their dues will receive a new certificate before the 1st scheduled meeting after the annual conference. Invoices will be sent to each member no less than 30 days prior to renewal. Dues not paid within 30 days of notification will be considered delinquent and the member will be dropped from the rolls. Once dropped, a former member may only be reinstated by payment of the delinquent dues and re-approved by the Board of Directors.




The Fiscal year of this Association is set on the calendar year, January 1st through December 31st. Annual dues are due and payable at or before the Association’s annual meeting. New members who join between January 1st and October 31st will pay the full membership dues. Any new member joining after October 31st will still pay the full membership dues, but it will be valid until December of the next year. All new and renewal members will receive an NCAPI Private Investigator’s Certificate after being duly voted on and approved by the Board of Directors. Members will receive a new certificate before the 1st scheduled meeting after the annual conference. Invoices will not be mailed to members. Invoice, or reminders, will be emailed to all members unless the member does not have a valid email address. All members whose checks are returned for insufficient funds (NSF) will be assessed a $25.00 fee, payable by money order or other certified funds. Dues not paid within 30 days of notification will be considered delinquent and the member will be dropped from the rolls. Once dropped, a former member may only be reinstated by payment of the delinquent dues and re-approved by the Board of Directors.


Since there were 2 separate issues being addressed in these by-law changes we split it into two votes.


1st vote was to drop the wording about sending invoices.


Motion to accept.

Accepted Unanimously.


2nd vote was to drop pro-rating the membership dues. We will go to one membership fee. The only difference will be if you join after 31 October will be granted membership until the end of the next fiscal year at no additional cost.


Motion to accept.

Accepted Unanimously.


Motion to accept Christine’s Report

Accepted Unanimously.



Guest Visitor  - Allen Hersh


Allen Hersch came to let us know that there are alternatives for health insurance.


He is with a group that provides “group rated” health benefits but individually written polices.


These polices are written by Midwest National Life.


Deductibles are reasonable and you do not get rated based on use. In the last 10 years the premiums have only gone up 8%.


For further details contact:

Alan Hersh
14300 Harbor Estate Road
Charlotte, NC 28278 

C.J. Bronstrup -
We want to thank C.J. for coming and setting up a display. C.J. creates websites and has worked for many of our members. He even created the superconference website.

Presidents Report - Ruth Reynolds

Ruth first addressed our problems with North Raleigh Hilton. We believed we had set up a new venue for our Raleigh meetings. However, the Hilton decided to change the terms that had been discussed. We have decided to stay at the Quality Inn and Suites. We will be looking at alternative venues for us to grow with.



Everyone knows that we are in an insurance emergency. However, please take care when you are shopping for insurance that you are getting coverage that cover you. Also, be careful that your insurance company is licensed to write insurance in North Carolina.


The PPSB has formed a committee to address the insurance issue. The PPSB originally declined a surety bond. Now, there are at least keeping the option on the table, but it is not realistic.


The Insurance Commission may not be aware of our plight. Ruth is willing to speak to the Insurance Commissioner on our behalf.


Russ Thomas detailed his problems getting insured. He pointed out that there is no uniformity. You cannot get an insurance carrier to write the mandatory minimums. He has also agreed to help out on an Insurance committee.


The other concern is that there are no companies in North Carolina that actually write polices. All of our money is being filtered out of the state.


It was again brought up that a surety bond would be an answer. 74C does not differentiate between insurance and bond.


Ruth brought up that this is a bittersweet meeting for her. This is her last meeting sitting as the President of our Association.


She brought up that she received a call from Eddie Caldwell’s old firm, Caldwell, Heffner, Coller, and Koshentic. He has left the company and had joined forces with Attorney McDarris from the PPSB. They have created McDarris/Holt/York.


Mr. Caldwell’s previous firm is looking to try to keep us with them.


There was discussion about the costs associated with hiring a lobbyist. It was finally decided that we would have to check with Caldwell, Heffner, Coller, and Koshentic and McDarris, Holt, and York to see what the prices would be for a lobbyist.


Another discussion was what to do with the lobbyist fund. A suggestion was to move the funds to the PAC fund. However, all further discussion about the lobbyist fund was completed when the membership made a motion to table the idea until we found out the pricing on a lobbyist.


Motion to table.

Unanimously accepted.


74C Rewrite-

Mandatory CE will be a large part of the 74C rewrite. As an association we are able to provide this requirement through seminars.


Prior to this a past lobbyist had a contract to provide CE and they were going to charge $300-500 per course. Since then the board changed and the association fired the lobbyist.


The association then worked with the PPSB to get them to acknowledge us as a provider of Continuing Education through seminars. They finally agreed.


Ruth brought up that Dave Shaffer, resident author, has brought copies of his book if anyone wants to purchase one, he would be glad to autograph it.

Election of the New Board 

Nominations were opened to the floor.


For President the nominees were:

Robert (Monty) Clark


For Treasurer the nominees were:

Marti Miller


For Secretary the nominees were:

Christine Covington


For Vice Presidents the nominees were:

Rex Lilly

Larry Flannery

Ted Gartman

Darryl Latham

Thalia Ellis

Jeff Kiker  

Jim King     -- Removed from ballot for failure to Renew.

Troy Perry  -- Removed from ballot for failure to Renew.

Audra Coleman

Paul Schroll

John McGee



Your new Board is:


Robert (Monty) Clark  -     President

Ruth Reynolds            -     Past President
Marti Miller                   -     Treasurer

Christine Covington   -      Secretary

Larry Flannery            -      Ethics & By-Laws VP

Ted Gartman              -       Membershp VP

Thalia Ellis                  -       Training & Education VP

John McGee               -       Legislative & Legal VP


Motion to Adjourn



Members Present:


Jeff Kiker                         Kiker Investigations

Frank Kiker                      Kiker Investigations

Tom Rose                        Kiker Investigations

Sonny Safrit                     Kiker Investigations

Bill Dover                         Kiker Investigations

Keith Hollen                      Eagle Eye Detective Agency

Aaron L. Stokes               Eagle Eye Detective Agency

Kristie W. Land                Wilson & Wilson Investigations

Dick Wilson                      Wilson & Wilson Investigations

Johnny Mims                    Private Eyes Investigative

Barbara Rounbehler         Regional Investigations, Inc.

Larry Flannery                  Scott & Associates Inv

Chris Fisher                      C.A. Fisher & Associates

Thalia Ellis                        Progressive

Allen Innis                         Suntrust Bank

Dan Caylor                       Caylor Investigative Services

Hayden Church                Track’Um Investigations

Darrel Latham                  Latham Confidential

Don Frey                          Latham Confidential

Ed Cobbler                       ELC Investigative Services

Russ Thomas                   Thomas Investigative

Audra Coleman                 Cameo Investigations

Fred McKinney                 SouthEastern Investigations

W. Bill Lane                      Lane & Associates

Barbara Bacon                 Cameo Investigations

John McGee                     McGee Investigations

Christopher Mayhue         Robbins & Associates, Inc.

Monty Clark                      Clark & Associates

Ruth Reynolds                  Reynolds Professional Services

Ted Gartman                    N-Focus Investigations

Dave Shaffer                    Shaffer Investigations

Marti Miller                        A-1 Services

Christine Covington          Blake Investigations, Inc.






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