Meeting Minutes >> December 2004 Minutes
December 2004 Minutes

NCAPI Meeting

11 December 2004





We began the meeting with a speaker.


Melissa Balk

Mang Insurance Agency

5630 Six Forks Road, Suite 201

Raleigh, NC 27609



She wanted to let us know about the issues that we were facing with insurance. She explained that she is able to write insurance for our profession.



Training and Education – Dave Shaffer


There is nothing new on the training and education agenda. The previous Uncovering Reasonable Doubt seminar was a great success. We made a profit on the event and everyone had wonderful things to say about the training.


Motion to accept


Unanimously accepted.



Legislation and Legal  - Rex Lilly


New legislation has been enacted that specifically addresses license plate covers. It makes it illegal to have a photo defeating license plate cover attached to a vehicle.


Workplace violence has a new statute that covers protective orders.

951– Civil no contact order that works like a domestic violence order, but geared toward people that are not in a relationship.


916 – Workplace violence order. This allows an employer, or his or, his agent, to file motions on behalf of an employee that may be in danger.


Board Election Nominations –


The list of members who have been volunteered to work for us on our board:


Marti Miller - Treasurer

Christine Covington – Secretary


Vice Presidents -

Rex Lilly

Ted Gartman

Larry Flannery

Darryl Latham

Thalia Ellis

Jim King

Troy Perry

Audra Coleman

Jeff Kiker


Monty Clark – President


We were thrilled to have some many members wanting to be a part of the process and help us into the next year. Elections will be held in January at the Annual meeting.


From the membership the question came up if we were trying to get an exemption to the Clear Tag Statue.


Confidential tags were also discussed.


We agreed that both were good ideas and we would see if we could come up with a consensus and support for the ideas.


There was a vote to see if anyone had any problems with our attempting to get an exemption to the clear tag (or even confidential tags).

All voted yes.


There was a vote to see if anyone had any problem with our attempting to get an exception to the Tinted Window statute.


All voted yes.


Motion to accept.

Unanimously accepted.



Membership – Ted Gartman


We have corrected the website link to the PPSB. It had the old web address link.


Ted has worked out a deal with IRB for our members. They have agreed to offer new members to the NCAPI 250 free searches for 1 month. We are still working out the details on what is going to be offered to those members who already have IRB.


We have been asked by the PPSB to identify what the members feel would be the most important topics that need to be addressed in pre-licensing education. We will be working on a survey to rate those issues.


Christine is going to be sending out a .pdf Adobe fillable form for the members to renew. It will be easier for the members as well as easier to read. The form will be emailed out to the members.


We created a sub-committee to address the pre-associate training issues. Ted Gartman and LeAnne Cloudman will be heading up that sub-committee.


Motion to Accept


Unanimously Accepted



Secretaries Report  - Christine Covington


The previous meeting minutes had been posted to the website.


Christine brought up that she does get a copy of the PI’s that are licensed in the state and will check after each meeting to verify that members listed on the website are licensed. If not, the member will be pulled from the listing until the license is updated.


As discussed earlier, Christine will be sending out an Adobe fillable form on the renewals. This will make it easier on the members and the secretary.


Christine identified that she will be switching the NCAPI email delivery from her personal to This will enable her to keep the ncapi email separate as well as make it more readily identifiable when you receive email that it is from the association.


Motion to accept.


Unanimously accepted.



Treasurer  - Marti Miller


$11,084.40        Checking

$3520.00           Lobbyist

$808.30             Pac Fund


$15,412.70        Total



Click com has been paid through December.


Thalia Ellis has agreed to audit the books in the very near future.


We will be changing banks in the very near future from Wachovia.


Motion to accept.

Unanimously accepted.



Presidents Report  - Ruth Reynolds


ID  - we have been tasked by the PPSB to determine what type of credentials we want. They have heard our voice about the lack of professionalism our current ID’s have. Marti Miller has been given the job of collecting ID’s and offering the PPSB our ideas. She has met with Barkley Blanks and he awaits our further input.


2005 Super Conference – Monty discussed the conference. He reminded us that the event will be 4 days and there will be a good time had by all.

Dr. Henry Lee and Brandon Perron are just two of the wonderful speakers that we will have at the conference.


The Marriott, 82nd Avenue North in Myrtle Beach, has agreed to a room rate of $130.00 per night.


We will have 30-35 vendors from Information Brokers to Technical equipment.


There will be nightly entertainment.

There will be raffles.


The arrangement with SCALI is there will be a 50/50 split on any proceeds.


An advertisement was placed in the PI Magazine.

The website for the event is .



Annual Meeting - The annual meeting will be held in Charlotte on 22 January. It will be at the Adams’ Mark Hotel at


During this meeting we will be electing your board members for next year. Please do all you can to be there so that your voice will be heard.


Ride – A – Longs  - During the PPSB meeting yesterday this issue was discussed again. They have set in place rules that they are going to try to have implemented. There are going to be 2 types of ride-a-longs.


Incidental – You are out to dinner with friends or family and you spot a subject that you have been attempting to locate forever. You would not be required to evict your friends/family from your vehicle to pursue. However, you would be required to advise the PPSB by the next business day.


Planned  - When you intentionally have someone in the vehicle. This would require pre-notification to the PPSB. (Example, someone who is looking into whether or not they wish to be a PI and you are considering hiring them).



There was a discussion about changing our meeting to Friday afternoon after the PPSB. It was thought that we could piggyback on the PPSB room. The discussion was that this would save some money since we would only need to come into town for 1 night. The flip side of the discussion is that this puts too into one day.


Vote to change to having our meeting be Friday afternoon.


1 in favor

All others against.


Hilton, North Raleigh  - Ruth and Christine went and toured the Hilton on Wake Forest Road and found the location and the facility to be wonderful. They have identified that they will honor the state rate for us to move our meetings to their location. We have decided that they have more to offer us and will be moving our meetings to that location. (BY THE WAY, THIS HAS SINCE CHANGED).


Thalia Ellis was asked to detail what had occurred at the PPSB Training and Education Sub-Committee.


She states that the PPSB is trying to determine if they should get involved with regulating Tasers, Mace, and Batons.


This could turn out to be a big issue for our industry. The PPSB decided not to make a ruling at this point. They have formed a sub-committee with Mr. Greico to determine their vision.


She will continue to monitor the situation.



Insurance  - Ruth advise that she had received information about some of the horror stories involved with the insurance industry raising our rates. Most of the violations had nothing to do with PI’s. Scottsdale seems to have been the only one to reply to the PPSB, so far, with requested data. There were only 2 claims against PI’s. However, there were multiple claims against security guards, which they lump us with.



Thanks for coming and have a wonderful Holiday.


Motion to Adjourn

Unanimously accepted.




Members Present:



Ed Blake………….…………Blake Investigations

Larry Flannery…………….Scott & Associates Investigations

Audra Coleman…………….Cameo Investigations

Thalia Ellis…………………Progressive Investigations

J.W. Hetrick………………..CLT

Paul Schroll…………………Corporate Intelligence Solutions

LeAnne Cloudman…………RPS, Burgaw

Wanda Southers……………W J Investigations

Rex Lilly……………………..Allied Protection & Investigations

Bill Fletcher…………………Fletcher Investigations

Ruth Reynolds………………Reynolds Professional Service

Ted Gartman………………..N-Focus Investigations

Dave Shaffer………………...Shaffer Investigative Services

Jeff Kiker…………………….Kiker Investigations

Fred McKinney……………...Southeastern Investigations

Darrell Latham……………..Latham Confidential

Russ Thomas………………..Thomas Associates

Rick Eatmon………………...Eatmon & Associates

Christine Covington……….Blake Investigations

Marti Miller…………………A-1 Services

Monty Clark………………...Clark Associates

Hayden Church……………..Track’Um Investigations










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