Meeting Minutes >> August 2004 Minutes
August 2004 Minutes

NCAPI Meeting


Board Members Present:

Marti Miller
Christine Covington
Ruth Reynolds
Rex Lilly
Ted Gartman
David Shaffer

Board Members Not Present:

Monty Clark
Allen Innes


Legislative & Legal: Rex Lilly

Rex explained that the new requirements for training unarmed security guards have come into effect. It requires 16 hours of training. PIís are exempt from the 16 hour program, but will still need to do the 4 hour 74C training section.

Rex explained that there is a new attack on Credit Headers. We need to be vigilant that we are accessing information in a way that meets Federal/State requirements.

203 Child Welfare Ė For jurisdictional matters it is handled by the Department of Health and Human Services. They will assign county jurisdiction.

Senate 921 - Workplace Violence legislation. Rex wanted everyone to know that this legislation is in the works. Companies can file civil injunctions.

Alarm- The Alarm License fee will increase from $350.00 - $500.00

817 - A person with a concealed weapon permit will be able to purchase a firearm without obtaining an additional permit.

Both Ruth and Rex wanted everyone to know that we have the ability to check the website to see any pending legislation.

The board wanted to remind everyone that they could call the PPSB to verify if someone is unlicensed. If you are unable to contact PPSB, contact Christine. She obtains the listings of all PIís and PIAís licensed in the state of North Carolina.

Christine reminded everyone that there is pending Federal legislation trying to take access to Credit Headers. Please contact your elected officials and let them know how this law will affect this industry.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Training Ė David Shaffer

David reminded everyone about the upcoming training seminar we will be holding in Charlotte on 16-17 September. We will be offering Brandon Perron training us on Uncovering Reasonable doubt.

We currently have 24 confirmed and paid attendees.

We are still waiting for confirmation from Paul Intensio from SLED about this seminar qualifying for continuing education credit for South Carolina.

Our current estimate on cost for the seminar is $3000.00.
$1000.00 per day for the speaker.
$1000.00 for flights/hotel/meals/meeting room, etc.

The text for the seminar is included in the cost of the seminar. The seminar will be held at the Adamís Mark Hotel, Charlotte and we have secured the government rate for our seminar guests.

Please let everyone know about the seminar. We really want at least 40 attendees.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Ethics and By-Laws - Allen Innis

No information provided on any issues for ethics and by-laws.

Membership - Ted Gartman

13 Removed from the website.
10 Honorary members.
3 Non-PIís

7 New Members

Ted has contacted the chair of the Criminal Justice Program at ECU, Peter Johnstone. He has expressed interest in Ted speaking to the Criminal Justice students about the NCAPI starting in the fall semester.

Ted has also contacted Richard Clayton, the program director Program Director for Durham County Community College BLET program. He assured Ted that applications would be handed out to all of his classes and that he would have a meeting with the Director of the Criminal Justice Associate Program to do the same.

Troy Perry at the last meeting volunteered to head up an effort to obtain email addresses from all PIís and PIAís with North Carolina licenses. Ted, and the entire board, want to thank all the volunteers who took their time to contact PIís in their area code. Many PIís had no idea our association existed.

Ruth wanted to take a moment to say a personal Thank you to all the members. She recognized all their efforts. The cost savings from this effort will be great.

Ted identified there are many issues still to be addressed with honorary members, staff members, student members, etc on the website. The new application has not been loaded to the website, but Ted agreed to take a look at the website and see if he could work out some of the problems.

If you know a teach4rl professor, trainer of criminal justice program feel free to give them Ted Gartmanís name and he will be glad to talk with them and their students about the NCAPI and itís membership.

Vendors on the website. This issue has been tabled at this point due to continuing issues with the website.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.


Treasurers Report - Marti Miller

Marti identified the checking account has $11,251.79

Pac fund $1408.30
2 checks have been presented for payment
1000 Senator John Garwood $200.00
1001 Senator Mark Basnight $200.00

Lobbyist Fund $3520.00 (no activity)

Total NCAPI Funds $16,180.09

Marti also explained several payments:
ClickCom has been paid for 6 months, $311.70.
First Citizens Visa $210.48

Marti explained that we are still trying to collect on the $45.00 bounced check from Noble Detective Services. Marti has sent a bill to Noble for the $45.00 check plus the $25.00 NSF fee.

Russ Thomas brought up that we have not had an audit of the books. He did advise he has no doubt that Marti Miller has been nothing but forthright in her efforts on our behalf. He identified that periodically (he questioned the by-laws) we should require an audit of the books.

Thalia Ellis has volunteered to audit the books.

The Lobbyist Fund was discussed. What do we want to do with the funds? It was decided that since we are so close to the end of this year, we would leave the funds in the account and let the new board decide what we should do.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Secretaryís Report - Christine Covington

Christine advised the meeting minutes for the previous meeting were loaded to the website. The newsletter was distributed 2 August.

Christine advised we were able to reclaim the website. It has been reloaded and re-linked to the website. We have secured the .com site for 9 years.

Christine advised she was still attempting to get further information about Insurance. She had contacted several PI Insurers and is trying to find some that will write us for a reasonable rate.

Christine reminded everyone about the potential damage the passage of the Senate bill restricting access to Credit Headers would cause. Please take the time to either write/fax or call your elected representatives.

Christine discussed the removal of Honorary Members from the PI listings on the website. Ruth had contacted all Honorary members after the last meeting and advised this would be occurring. We will be building an Honorary Page on the member side of the website. They were advised if they wished to remain in the PI listing, they would need to send in their membership dues. Any that were not sent were removed from the listing.

Christine explained that the email harvest that we had been working on has netted the following. Of the the1150 PIís and PIAís licensed in North Carolina as of 6/24 we were unable to obtain 553 emails. (of those 553 there are approximately 231 that we have not contacted, yet). Thanks again to all of the volunteers.

Ruth brought up that David Grimes is working on our Insurance problem. Richard Allen and David Greico are also assisting with our efforts.

There was some discussion about trying to work with an insurance company to see if we as a group could get Blue Cross/ Blue Shield to give as a better rate.

There was also discussion about trying to come up with some sort of ďRisk Pool InsuranceĒ.

Motion to Accept.
Unanimously Accepted.

Old Business -

New Business -

Ruth explained that there has been further discussion about trying to get Professional Credentials.

Ruth identified that the new PPS board has a different feel. They seem to be listening to our suggestions. She felt we needed to take this back to the board. Ruth requested we obtain letters to identify any problems we are having due to the credentials. Or, come to the meeting and tell the PPSB about the problems.

The PPSB had, at one point, been working on getting together with the DMV to get licenses made. Need to verify with them what the status is.

Christine identified that we have had one of our members, Jeffrey Jones, deployed. It is requested that we keep him and his family in our thoughts.

The next meeting will be held in Asheville, NC. The PPSB will hold itís meeting at the Renaissance Hotel. It will be 16 October. Ruth is discussing going up a couple of days early to set up a breakfast meeting with local PIís.

Eastern part of the state. Ted will try to set up a meeting with investigators in the eastern part of the state.

Presidents Report - Ruth Reynolds

Ruth will be offering a Service of Process Seminar in Charlotte. It will be held in October. Further details will follow.

Ruth reminded us that we still have an insurance agent offering PIís free insurance.

$1000 for Members
$500 for Spouses
$250 for Children

Please contact Eileen Hanson-Kelly
American Income Life

Russ Thomas states he has spoken to Wayne Woodard about the new Carry / Conceal Law. He is waiting for further clarification.

We have created a Nomination Committee to work on nominating members for election to the board.

Rex Lilly
Larry Flannery
Haden Church

Speaker - Thalia Ellis

Mental Conditioning.

Thalia identified herself and her qualifications. She is a certified Fire Arms Instructor. She was previously with Blackwater.

There were 60,000 assaults on Police Officers. That averages to 1 every 14 minutes.

There are no current statistics on PIís or Process servers.

Sun Tzu was the first to utilize mental preparedness in 500 BC.

Coopers Color Code Ė
Conditions of Mental Preparedness

White - unaware of your surroundings, unaltert, unprepared. (At home)

Yellow - alter and aware (in vehicle)

Orange - significant alter. ďThat guy right thereĒ. Identifying possible threats. Plan of action. Maximum 3 hours.

Red - Put your plan into action. ďIf he does that, Iíll do thatĒ Immediate threat.

If you donít train and prepare - you can go into panic mode.

This is how you can become a victim.

Principals of Personal Defense

- Alertness
- Aggressiveness - The best defense is a good offense.
- Speed - Do not give your adversary the time. Time equals opportunity.
- Coolness - Stay focused and deal with one problem at a time.
- Ruthlessness - At once and completely, no time for a glancing blow.
- Surprise4 - Act before the target can react. Present him with the unexpected.

The human body.

Physical - Heart rate goes up.
Fine motor skills deteriorate, accuracy skills are lost. Physically maneuvering weapons and alignment.

Complex motor skills begin to deteriorate. Vision begins to narrow. Eyes remain open. The instinct is to face the threat and obtain as such information s possible.

Tunnel vision and auditory exclusion are experienced. (i.e.) shots cannot be heard; loss of near vision and the ability to reason diminishes.

Psychological Ė
War has often been a sexist environment, but death is an equal opportunity employer.

Anger Response

Killogy -

Within most men there is an intense resistance to kill their fellow man, soldiers will die on the battlefield before they overcome it.

With the proper conditioning and proper circumstances, it appears, that ALMOST ANYONE CAN & WILL KILL.

The board offered our warmest thanks for Thaliaís presentation.

Motion to Adjourn.
Unanimously Accepted.

Meeting Adjourned.
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