Meeting Minutes >> June 2004 Minutes
June 2004 Minutes

NCAPI Meeting

19 June 2004

Board Members Present:

Rex Lilly
Monty Clark
Marti Miller
Ruth Reynolds
Ted Gartman
Dave Shaffer
Christine Covington

Board Members Not Present:
Allen Innes


It was discussed that we have had a problem with interruptions by cell phones during the meeting. It was identified cell phones need to be either turned off or placed on vibrate. If cell phones go off during meeting, the offender would be required to pay a $10.00 fee.

Legislative and Legal Report - Rex Lilly

Current Pac Fund - $1008.80

We have done the rounds and contributed to representatives we feel are in touch with our issues. More details will follow as to the amounts and the recipients.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Training Report - Dave Shaffer

17-18 May Seminar - We had 36 attendees to the May seminar. There were many positive comments made about the content and presentation of the seminar.

17-18 September Seminar - We have decided to have the Brandon Perron Seminar in Charlotte. The Adam’s Mark hotel has agreed to give us the rate of $57.25 per night.

Adams Mark
555 South McDowell
Charlotte, NC 28204

We have come to an approximate cost per NCAPI member of $115.00 for the seminar. We will be finalizing the behind the scenes costs shortly and will be forwarding information about cost.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Membership Report - Ted Gartman

Current membership has topped 200 members. Included in that membership increase was the 32 members we received from the last seminar mailing.

Student Membership - Ted identified he has set up an appointment with the Director of the BLET program at the Pitt Community College in Greenville, NC and he sounds upbeat about our adding student memberships. Ted has also set up an appointment with the chair of the Criminal Justice Program at East Carolina University.

Darryl Latham - has met with Montgomery County Community College with their BLET & Criminal Justice Curriculum Coordinator about the addition of our student membership. Darryl has also spoken to the BLET Program Director for Durham County Community College and has been advised that applications will be handed out to all of his classes. The BLET Director has also stated he will speak to the Criminal Justice Associate program Director about our program as well.

Website - Ted has identified due diligence should be conducted on all web members which are listed as PI’s. We need to maintain only Primary Members on the directory listing. Other membership categories can be listed on the members only side of the website.

New NCAPI application has been loaded to the NCAPI Yahoo group on the Files Section. Please feel free to download the application, make copies, and solicit clients, corporations or students.

If you know a teacher, professor, or trainer of a criminal justice program feel free to give Ted’s name and number. He is willing to speak to them and their students about the NCAPI and its membership.

We are discussing adding a Vendors page to the website for Vendors that support the NCAPI. This issue has been tabled until we finally resolve our website issues with clickcom.

Honorary Members - With the newest Constitution changes we have realized that Honorary membership was discontinued. A discussion was opened to decide if we wished to again amend the Constitution to re-instate Honorary Membership.

After much debate, it was decided to include a new page to the website, on the membership side, to honor the contribution of the previously named “Honorary Members”. Ruth Reynolds has volunteered to contact all of the current Honorary Members still holding PI licenses to advise if the wish to remain on the mail PI Listings, the would need to pay the membership fee.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Treasurers Report - Marti Miller

Current checking $11646.97
Lobbyist fund $3520.00

May Seminar costs -
$175.00 Mailing
$24.54 Labels
$544.03 Handouts for presentation
$652.64 Postage, copies, office supplies for mailing
$1003.46 Meeting room and hotel rooms for speakers.
$2399.72 Total cost for seminar.

It is expensive and time consuming to produce, fold, stuff envelops, and mail to all Private Investigators. It was suggested we look into purchasing a folding machine that would greatly reduce the time involved in the mailing.

It was brought up that we have been mailing to all PI’s in the state as a mandate from the PPSB for them to reimburse us for training expenses. We have not been able to recover any recent training costs due to a budgetary shortfall in the Recover fund. In order to draw funds from the Recovery fund, it has to first get above the statutory $100,000. It currently holds approximately $37,000.

We have continued to mail to all PI’s as well as submit requests for reimbursements.

It was discussed that with the advent and more frequent use of email, we would be better served to email information to PI’s. Our costs would be greatly reduced if we were able to distribute more via email. It was asked of Berkley Banks if he believed we would be able to get the PPSB to alter the application to include solicitation of email addresses. He was not sure that would be an option.

Troy Perry has agreed to take the listing from the PPSB and contact all PI’s in the state to try to obtain email addresses. He has instructed to form a committee and we will divide the list into area codes for contact.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Plaque presentation -

The board presented a plaque to Ms. Kimberly Balsom for all of her previous efforts when she was the Secretary of the NCAPI.

Berkley Banks - PPSB Member -

Mr. Banks was present during our meeting and we offered him the opportunity to speak.

He identified he has been a PPSB board member. He is from Greensboro, NC.

He wanted us to understand we can call him with concerns. He will be glad to approach the board with our concerns.

He brought up the discussion from the PPSB about Ride-A-Longs for PI’s. They are working on procedures that would clarify the boards’ position.

He also brought us how they are working on procedures for when a PI is caught in Spontaneous circumstances. (e.g. you are out for dinner and spot a subject you have been looking for suddenly appears, you should not be required to put your wife/husband out on the street so you can follow).

He states he is working to make the industry more professional. He agreed there are too many agendas, but he wants to work with us for the good of the industry.

Secretary’s Report - Christine Covington

Christine apologized for the delays in getting the meeting minutes and the Constitution changes posted after the last meeting. She explained that with the unexpected trip to New York, she was behind.

She also apologized for the lack of a June Newsletter. We had scheduling problems with the speaker for the meeting and wanted to present that information in the newsletter. The speaker, Ruth Reynolds, was not decided until the last moment and we felt it too late to distribute the newsletter.

There was discussion about the website having lapsed. has offered to work with us to get the web name back, but they will charge a $100.00 fee, above and beyond the renewal fee. There was discussion about the benefits to having the name vs. letting it go. The membership voted to pay the fee and attempt to get the name back.

Christine advised she had obtained a list of Insurance companies that were found on that should be able to offer E/O Insurance. She has volunteered to contact them to find out what can be done on rates.

Christine advised that the board had brought to the PPSB attention that New York had a header in their Yellow Pages that identified NY had licensing requirements. The listing identified:

ATTENTION New York State requires businesses engaged in Private Investigation be licensed and bonded. For information on the licensing status of a business listed here call (518) 474-4429. We advised the PPSB it would be in all our best interest that the PPSB attempt the same type of warning to consumers.

Christine reminded the membership that Credit Headers are still under attack. There is a sample letter on in the member section that we need all PI’s to send/fax/and email to your elected representative.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Presidents Report - Ruth Reynolds

Ruth identified we were very pleased with the previous training seminar in Raleigh, May 17 & 18 with State Farm Investigators and Attorney Brad Butler. She wanted us to know that Brad Butler is more than willing to assist us with legal issues. She pointed out that he had produced a large manual that explained, in detail, HIPPA procedures.

Ruth identified that State Farm will be forwarding and Application form for PI’s looking to be added to their contractor list.

It decided, by vote of the members present, that the application would only be mailed to those members who attended the seminar and/or the meetings.

Ruth discussed the upcoming Seminar in Charlotte, September 16 &17. Mr. Brandon Perron of Florida will be giving 2 (1) day seminars. We will be running ads in PI Magazine in an effort to attract people from surrounding states.

Insurance issues remain a large problem for our industry. She addressed our concerns to the PPSB. It does appear that efforts to get a bond in place of insurance is going to be difficult.

Discussion of HR 1047 - Alienation of Affection. This bill, trying to abolish the alienation of affection/criminal conversation, is trying to work its way through the House. Please be aware and be prepared to contact your representatives.

74C -
Badges - Ruth has spoken to the PPSB about badges. The board is going to contact Eddie Caldwell and find out if there is going to be a potential problem with his groups about badges.

10 year time frame on experience - Ruth brought to the PPSB the 10 year time frame on experience does not take in to consideration that experience once gained is does not expire. She asked that they reconsider the time limit.

3000-6000 hours. – Ruth advised she attended a meeting on 19 May about the proposed increase in hours for obtaining a PI license.

She explained to the PPSB we do not feel the need to alter the requirements. She did explain that she proposed to the PPSB they instead require education prior to obtaining a PI Associates license.

She has been in contact with her local community college and found that they are equipped and able to offer these courses.

She had suggested:
Report writing
Laws (trespass, stalking, etc.)

This would only add to the professionalism of the industry. It might also weed out those individuals who are not sincerely interested in the nuts and bolts of the profession.

Ruth reminded everyone that our resident author, Dave Shaffer, has copies of his book that he is more than willing to personalize.

Motion to accept.
Unanimously accepted.

Speaker - Ruth Reynolds

Ruth identified she has created an association for Process Servers.

Rule 4 - Service of Process
This rule identifies who may serve (within 5 days). Proper person, sheriff, or someone else who is duly authorized.

H1 - Unexecuted. Cannot be a blood relative, not party to the action, and 21 years of age or older.

Types of service:
Certified Mail
Drop Service

She requires all of her servers to have a clear affidavit. It is documented with date/time of service, address, and documents, person named for service, and description of individual.

Door knocks - sealed envelope marked Personal & Confidential.

The service is mandated by both the laws of the state that issued the service and the state of North Carolina.

International service is covered under the Hague Convention. You can contact Ruth if you have international service and she can put you in contact with the best in the business.

It pays to try to get servers that are bi-lingual.

Sheriff has 60 days to serve papers.

When you are accepting service make sure to ask enough questions.

Who are you serving?
How much time do you have to serve?
Personal or subserve?
When was it filed?
Phone / contact / attorney?
When is the best time to call them back?
Has this already gone to the Sheriff?
Has service been attempted before?
Known weapons?
Difficult service?

Counties can charge for out of state papers.
Mecklenburg charges $5-7, $50 per defendant.

It is always good to get contacts in the Sheriff’s office. The local Sheriff refers service of papers directly to her office.

Read Rule 4. Know It!

We are not able to serve Summary Ejectment.

Think about taking on Pro-Bono work. It is your opportunity to make a small difference in your community.

Out-of-State. – Must be domesticated.
Each county will have their own way of domesticating an out-of-state order.

It is important to know who constitutes a good service for Incorporations vs. regular businesses.

Find out if they are incorporated in North Carolina and we are serving the registered agent.

If the registered agent is not available, can we serve any authorized agent?

Registered agent is REQUIRED by LAW to accept service for the Corporation.

Michael Slotter handles service of process for State Incorporations.
$10.00 fee
2 complete copies
1 copy of the affidavit

Make sure to have a good due diligence affidavit.

With many clients, if they wish to have papers returned to them quickly, ask them for the FedEx account number. You will be surprised they will usually provide it.

Difficult serve ideas:

TV / Cable Net Survey - offer a free pre-paid calling card for answering the survey.
Courier card
Restricted Delivery Tag

When completing your service, make sure to get as much information as possible about the serve. The location, cars and license plates, description of the person, description of the house and yard, any activity.

Ruth has all of her servers go out with a 3X5 index card that information is documented on. They file these for any challenges.

Motion to adjourn.
Unanimously approved.

Members present:
Timothy Saunooke……………...…Timothy W. Saunooke
Ralph Hanline………………………...A-1 Hanline
Troy Perry…………………………......Protection, Inc.
Rex Lilly……………………………......Allied Protection & Inv.
Larry Flannery…………………….....Scott & Assoc. Inves.
Darrell Latham……………………....L.C.S
Thalia Ellis………………………….....Progressive Investigation
J. Hetrick………………………….......Guest
Fred McKinney…………………….....Southeastern Consult.
Monty Clark………………….…….....Clark & Associates
Berkley Blanks……………….……...PPSB Member
Marti Miller……………………….......A-1 Services
Paul Schroll………………………......Southeastern Protection
Kimberly Balson………………….....Carolina Process Serving
David Deaton………………………....Covert Surveillance
Sharon Stevens……………………...Covert Surveillance
Ed Blake……………………………......Blake Investigations
Audra Coleman……………………...Cameo Investigations
Barbara Bacon……………………....Cameo Investigations
Dave Shaffer………………………....Shaffer Investiative Svs.
Christine Covington…………….…Blake Investigations
Ruth Reynolds……………………....RPS

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