Meeting Minutes >> April 2004 Minutes
April 2004 Minutes

NCAPI Meeting

24 April 2004

Board Members Present:

Ruth Reynolds
Monty Clark
Rex Lilly
David Shaffer
Allen Innis
Ted Gartman
Marti Miller
Christine Covington

Welcome -

Ruth began the meeting by explaining that we had made arrangements to have representatives from Select Customer Insurance Agency, Inc. come and speak to us about Insurance.

Darrell Elium & Angela Pipes introduced themselves and gave background about their experience and their philosophy.

They explained they work with multiple insurance brokers.

They wanted us to know that they have been looking into how to best serve us and they are on our side.

They only deal with A-rated companies like Scotsdale, Maximum, & Young Group - Bail bonds, bodyguard, consultants & expert witnesses, hired & non-owned auto, repossession of personal property (auto / boat / furniture), bounty hunters, & arson investigations.

The Hartford - requires equipment policy in addition to the E & O insurance.

Their contact information is:

Select Customer Insurance Agency, Inc.
512 Klumac Road, Suite 2
P.O. Box 2087
Salisbury, NC 28145-2087

704-642-0125 fax

Darrell Elium - CPCU
Angela Pipes Ė CPIW

Reports -

Legal & Legislative - Rex Lilly

Pac Fund $1808.30

Rex brought up some issues regarding detection dogs that he will be looking into. He wanted us to be aware that there are other requirements about licensing outside the PPSB.

Motion to accept report.
Unanimously accepted.

Training - David Shaffer

David wanted to remind us about the May 17-18 training seminar being held in Raleigh. We are having Jeff Weston and Patrick Campanaro present 4-hour seminars about insurance fraud. They will be explaining what State Farm Insurance expects from its SIU contract investigators while conducting an investigation.

The remaining time Brad Butler, an attorney, will be speaking about HIPPA and itís ramifications in our industry.

David addressed his efforts to get the information to all the PIís in the state. He obtained labels from the PPSB to produce a mailing for the seminar. We mailed just under 3000 out to the PIís in the state.

September seminar - It was discussed that we are proposing a seminar in September to have Brandon Perron, Academic Director for the Criminal Defense Investigative Training Council in Stuart, Florida present a seminar. The dates are tentatively set for 17 & 18 September.

The 8-hour seminar will be on Perronís Component Method of conducting a criminal defense investigation.

The seminar costs were discussed at:
$2000.......Perronís speaking fee
$300.........Round trip airfare from Orlando, Florida
$130.........Lodging for 2 nights
$400.........Meeting room for seminar

$2900.......Total Costs

The board voted and approved the production of the seminar. The cost to the membership vs. non-members was discussed. Final costs on the seminar to both will be determined.

Motion to accept the Training and Education report.
Unanimously accepted.

Membership - Ted Gartman

Ted explained we have proposed changes to the Constitution to enable us to build our membership. This discussion was deferred to Allen Innis in the By-Law report.

Our current membership at the time of the meeting was:
125.... renewals
44...... new
3........ of which were from the recent mailing.

169 members

Vendors for the website was proposed and the discussion centered about costs, where the advertisement would appear and how it would be regulated. Further discussion was deferred due to ongoing issues with our web host, clickcom. Once we have decided what we are going to do about hosting our website, the proposal can be revisited.

Motion to accept the Membership report.
Unanimously accepted.

By-Laws - Allen Innis

Allen again advised the membership that anyone who knows about or has discovered unlicensed activity can bring it to him and he will report it on behalf of the NCAPI. It was discussed that the NAIS website, it was discovered that 13 unlicensed individuals were listed. They have all been reported to the PPSB for follow-up.

Proposed changes to the Constitution.

All proposed changes to the Constitution are listed on the website. To save time and space, please refer to the changes thereÖ

Each proposed article change was opened for discussion, seconded and approved by the entire membership present.

Changes occurred to:
Article 3, Sections 1, 2, 3, & 6.
Article 5, Sections 3, 4, 6, & 9.

Dues - There was some discussion as to the dues required for Students. It was voted and approve, by unanimous vote 30 / 11, to not charge Students for membership.

Student......No Charge

Motion to accept the By-Laws report.
Unanimously accepted.

Secretary Report - Christine Covington

Christine advised that the proposed Constitution changes had been up on the website for about a month.

Christine advised that the last meeting minutes are also on the website.

Christine also advised there was a copy of a sample letter to be sent to your Representatives in Washington about the proposed changes to Credit Header information being offered by a Florida representative.

Christine also explained that she is currently working on obtaining email addresses for all of the PIís and PIAís in the state to make it easier to contact them with information that is important and to try to reduce some of the costs associated with reaching them.

Motion to accept the Secretary Report.
Unanimously accepted.

Treasurer Report - Marti Miller

$ 10,436.02 Current in the checking account
$ 3520.00 Current in the Lobbyist fund (Bank of Carolina)

Motion to accept the Treasurer Report.
Unanimously accepted.

Presidents Remarks - Ruth Reynolds

Ruth wanted to discuss the current status of several issues. 74C rewrite is still sitting in Committee in Raleigh.

There was discussion that we still need to have a lobbyist. Eddie Caldwell was mentioned. Ruth identified she has spoken to Eddie and he is still willing to represent us. She will verify with him about updated costs about representation.

Website - Clickcom. We are still having problems with Clickcom and the website. There was discussion about how they had recently charged us an exorbitant amount for a simple maintenance issue. Both Ruth and Monty will be going in person to discuss our displeasure with Clickcom and will update us at the next meeting. Several members identified they have hosts that would bring the costs down without sacrificing service. These members were advised to get information from and about their hosts so that we can look at them to decide about changing hosts.

Greensboro - The incident with the unlicensed off-duty policemen discharging his weapon at a football game in Greensboro was discussed. Ruth advised this is an ongoing investigation by the PPSB and will be revisited when they have concluded their investigation.

Cellphone eavesdropping - Ruth has brought up an issue with Nokia cellphones being able to be eavesdropped on. She wanted us to be aware of the possible issue.

Speaker - John E. Lamont

John spoke to the group about electronics.

Video vs. Data

Data rules of evidence are easier than video rules of evidence.

John had a store in Greensboro, NC that can provide all of your electronic needs.

They can build pager cameras that can provide both face and hand shots.

They have body worn devices that are only restricted by the pinhole. 1mm = 3 feed of recognizable shot.


Tracking devices - from bumper beepers to GPS tracking devices. Bumper beepers emit a ping that can be honed in on. (216-220 in range, anything else is illegal)

GPS - track rate (recommended 30 second track rate) according to John, GSP can be deployed using the power source for a client who has a fiduciary interest in the vehicle.
No fiduciary interest - misdemeanor

He has identified that the costs on GPS have come down to about $1500.00 for a reliable unit.

He showed us many different types of cameras, lenses, and tracking devices. He wanted us to be aware that he sells solutions, not just equipment.

What they build, they back.

Motion to end meeting.
Unanimously accepted.


Darrell Elium................Select Customer Insurance
Angela Piper................Select Customer Insurance
James Edwards............Edwards Investigations
Monty Clark.................Clark & Associates
Cyndy Gunther............Tarheel Investigations
Larry Safrit..................Kiker Investigations
Marti Miller...................A-1 Investigations
Darrell Lathman...........L.C.S.
Jeff Kiker.....................Kiker Investigations
Clare Quick..................Quick Investigations
Paul Sequin.................Abacus Research
Bill Dover....................Kiker Investigations
Tom Rose...................Kiker Invesitgations
Frank Kiker..................Kiker Investigations
Allen Innis...................S.S.A. Investigations
Christine Covington......Blake Investigations
Ruth Reynolds.............Reynolds Professional Services
Ted Gartman...............N-Focus Investigations
Dave Shaffer...............Shaffer Investigative
Rex Lilly......................Allied Protective
Leanne Cloudman........RPS East
Nick Hughes................Atlas Investigations
Ed Cobbler..................ELC Investigation
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