Meeting Minutes >> February 2004 Minutes
February 2004 Minutes

NCAPI Meeting

21 February 2004

Board Members Present:

Monty Clark
Rex Lilly
Ted Gartman
Christine Covington


Monty opened the meeting with a welcome to everyone that was able to attend the meeting. He explained that Ruth Reynolds was unable to attend due to a pre-arranged meeting. Ruth has requested Monty lead the meeting today.

Secretary Report - Christine Covington

Christine explained that the Annual Meeting minutes have been available online since 1 week after the meeting. It was also identified that there were 2 copies of both the Annual meeting and the December meeting available for the members present to review.

Motion to accept.

Membership Report - Ted Gartman

Current membership:
119 as of 2/6/2004 (renewals & applications)
162 as of 2/18/2004

Ted identified revamping the application form and including new membership categories. This would be a wonderful opportunity to increase membership as well as generate more funds.

We will need to alter the Constitution to allow alternate membership categories.

The proposed categories are as follows:

- Affiliate
- Staff Investigator
- Business Associate
- Student

It was also proposed that we are looking into creating a separate webpage for Information Brokers. We could put listings of information brokers that have offered NCAPI member’s special discounts. We could also allow information brokers to pay for advertising on that webpage.

While on the subject of the website, there was further discussion about the problems that we have been experiencing with zip code searches. Monty has been dealing with Clickcom on that issue.

It was suggested that we add a testimonials page to the website.

There was a motion to look into altering the Constitution to allow the addition of alternate membership types.

It will take approximately 90 days to make by-laws changes.

It was brought up that we need to articulate better regarding issues and all of our victories. In that regard it was discussed that we idea of Regionalizing the state. The discussion included dividing the state into 4 regions. This would give the outlying areas a better access.

It was brought up that several of the members had brought up their confusion about what our goals are with the 74C rewrite. It was identified we will re-send the potential goals of the 74C rewrite process.

Motion to accept the Membership Report.

Legal Report - Rex Lilly

He identified he will meet up with the old VP and go to the Legislature when they start up.

Treasurers Report - Marti Miller (presented by Rex Lilly)

Current checking balance: $ 9000.56
Current PAC Fund: $ 1808.30

Motion to accept the Treasurers report.

There was discussion about the decision to keep our meeting at the same time as the PPSB. It was clear that we are making headway with the board in getting things accomplished. We decided to stay with the board. (Hence the last minute decision to have the meeting in February).

Statesville - We are planning to have a 20’s style social event on 13 March 2004 at the Historic Vance hotel in Statesville. Further details will be emailed out again.

UPDATE - The Statesville Social Event has been CANCELLED. The Vance Hotel has closed their doors effective 1 March 2004.

Speaker - Nick Hughes

Goal Setting Tutorial

Nick presented a wonderful presentation about setting goals and how to obtain your goals. He identified the most important priorities are making your goals:

- Specific
- Measurable
- Accomplishment Driven
- Realistic
- Timely

Not to give away the entire presentation, he suggested we set as many goals as possible at different levels. Maintain a book of your goals and work on tackling several a year.

We will hope that Nick will be willing to come back and present this again. It was a wonderful opportunity to expand our horizons.

Our thanks to Nick for giving of his time and expertise.

Conference -

We are working closely with the SCALI to put on the 2005 Carolina Private Investigator Super Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

We are inviting Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and possibly others states to be included at the conference.

There has been, and will continue to be, further meetings to arrange further details of the Conference. Further details will follow as they become available.

Devin Gallagher -

We were privileged to have a guest with us at the meeting. Devlin Gallagher is a member of the U.S. Army and will soon be deployed to Iraq. The NCAPI has decided to adopt him and his troops. We will be trying to keep in touch with him and determine what needs his troops have. (Mail, CD’s, supplies, etc.) He spent time discussing his experiences in Afghanistan. It was a great privilege to have him taking time from his short time left in the states to speak to us.

Motion to adjourn.

Members present:

Rex M. Lilly....................Allied Protection & Investigation
Tim Saunooke...............Timothy W. Saunooke, PI
Russ Thomas................Thomas Associates
Hayden Church..............Track’Um Wilkesboro
Audra Coleman..............Cameo Investigations
Barbara Bacon...............Cameo Investigations
Rick Eatmon..................Eatmon & Associates
Dorian Dehnel................3-D Investigations
Paul Schroll....................Southeastern Protective & Invest.
Donald J. DeFago...........Donald DeFago
Christine Covington........Blake Investigations
Nick Hughes..................Atlas Investigations
Troy Perry.....................Protection Investigations
Ted Gartman.................N-Focus
Monty Clark...................Clark & Associates
Ed Cobbler....................ELC
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