Meeting Minutes >> January 2004 - Annual Conference and Elections
January 2004 - Annual Conference and Elections
Annual Meeting 1/24/2004 Board Members Present: Ruth Reynolds Monty Clark Hayden Church Allen Innis Bill Fletcher Marti Miller Christine Covington Board Members Not Present: Steve Mitchell Introductions and Welcome. Meeting Minutes - The website has been updated with the December meeting minutes. Treasurers Report - Marti Miller There have been problems with Wachovia providing the monthly statements. We have finally resolved the problems and will not be in violation of statutes in regards to the PAC Fund. We have closed our Money Market fund due to a dispute with Wachovia about service fees being charged to the account. The money has been added to our checking account. Our current totals: $3386.74 Money Market $2422.98 Checking Account $5809.72 Total Motion to accept Treasurers report Seconded. Unanimously accepted. Additional information from the Treasurer – Lobbyist Fund – $4560, either check in hand or firm promise. Membership Report - Hayden Church 210 Current count of members on the website. 9 Honorary Members 44 Renewals have been received 25 New applications have been received We discussed the benefit of your membership and the value of your listing on the website. $50.00 is a great value. During the meeting we received an additional 31 renewals or applications. Monty brought up that we should all be referring people to the website to locate PI’s out of our area. The more traffic that we get to the website, the better it is all for us. Motion to accept Membership report Seconded Unanimously accepted Legislative & Legal Oversight - Bill Fletcher 74C is status quo. It will come up during the next legislative session. Ethics & By-Laws - Allen Innis It was also discussed that any investigator that comes across unlicensed activity they can contact the board. The board will file the complaint for you. PAC report - Bill Fletcher $1808.30 is the current balance of the PAC fund. The PAC will file its mandatory report with the State Board of Elections by the 28 January deadline now that we have received the Wachovia statements. Old Business - Ruth explained that this had been a very tough year. We had worked diligently for the membership and we were very successful in many of our efforts. - The Peep Law - Executive Protection license being dropped - 74C rewrite being tabled Ruth reminded the membership about the free insurance being offered to us by American Income Life. The contact information is: Eileen Hanson Kelly American Income Life 704-855-8353 Red Roof Inn - The Red Roof Inn is offering our membership a 20% discount whenever we stay at their hotels. Discount code - CP#525979 Enterprise Rent A Car - It was identified that Enterprise has a policy that allows PI’s the ability to exchange cars (same class) for no charge. We will not be printing the Membership Directory this year. It was determined that they were too expensive to continue providing. The website has the most current information. It is requested that all members notify the secretary, Christine Covington, of any email changes immediately. It was identified that several members have bad email addresses. The question came up about the use of the NCAPI logo on websites. We are going to work on getting a logo that we can all put on our websites. It was brought to our attention that our own David L. Schaffer has had a book published, Paid In Full. It is available for $16.00. It can be purchased from his website . Vendors - This annual meeting we had 3 vendors. Each vendor was given an opportunity to give a short presentation. Lee Lloyd - NC Info Data For NC - They provide access to DMV / Criminal / Civil information from North Carolina. Their pricing is very competitive. Their product also offers cost recovery. Their timekeeper and file number makes billing much easier. Each bill you receive from NC Info Data breaks information down on the bill to each file number you provide so that you can keep track of time spent on each case. They have AOC and DMV/DOT access. They also offer Direct Connect (Green Screen) access for high volume access. For Out of State - Nothing available online. However, they do have the ability to obtain the information. Contact them for a quote and turn around time. C.J. Bronstrup - Atlas Information Services Website design and site maintenance. They can provide a logo if needed. They provide a website from the ground up. He designs your website to sell your specific services. They do maintenance and changes. Call anytime. Hosting and marketing is provided at $29.00 per month. Included in the monthly cost: Auto responders Unlimited email boxes Monthly submissions to search engines Weekly stats on your website For a custom designed website package, $750.00 with 1 month free hosting. Today Only Special: $600, 3 months free maintenance and hosting, and 5 logo polo shirts. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They also have a “mini” site for a very reasonable fee. C.J. was having a drawing for a free “mini” site for one of the attendees at the conference. To move an existing site there are no additional costs beyond the $29.00 a month for the maintenance fee. For a redesign of a website, they would need to look over the original website and then quote a fee for the redesign. They provide focused marketing and lead capture data. John LaMont - Equipment They have a facility in Greensboro, NC that provides custom gear for PI’s. Their gear ranges from low tech to high tech. Their showroom is open Tuesday to Friday, but can work with you to provide gear whenever necessary. The offer body work equipment, surveillance vehicles, video, and audio. They offer 24/7 support. They are able to offer equipment rental for Private Investigators. They have equipment from GPS to hidden cameras. The equipment that they offer to the general public is not the same equipment provided to Private Investigators. They hold the newer and more advanced equipment for their Private Investigator clients. Their new website will be up in February. (spy store) They service anything they sell. They build it / they back it. We thank all of the vendors for attending our annual meeting and showing the different products that they offer for us. Thank you. New Business - In recognition - We wanted to take a moment to recognize several attendees: Greg Scott - former board member and past NCAPI president Ed Cobbler - past NCAPI vice president Bill Lane - retired SBI Audra Coleman - Information Broker Website - we are looking into the costs on adding another input cell for the website to indicate our specialties. There was a member question about trying to obtain confidential registrations for our vehicles. It was brought up that we had previously had this privilege, but it was taken away after abuse. It was unlikely that we could gain the support necessary. Lobbyist - Russ Thomas presented a motion. To renew our efforts to employ Eddie Caldwell as the lobbyist for the NCAPI for the combined package discussed in previous meetings. Seconded Discussion - the cost discussed for Mr. Caldwell to represent us had previously been quoted at $24,000 for the next legislative session. (Short and Long session). It was brought up that Mr. Caldwell was responsible for halting the 74C rewrite for us. It was identified that this is our one and only possibility to try to effect changes to 74C. It only seems to be every 20-30 years that 74C gets updated. The discussion also identified that some members don’t believe the need for a lobbyist. Vote - 7 – No 29 – Yes It was proposed that the security companies and other industries covered under 74C should be approached to solicit contributions for the lobbyist fund. Election of Board Members - Nominations: President - Ruth Reynolds No other nominations. Nominations closed. Treasurer - Marti Miller No other nominations. Nominations closed. Secretary - Christine Covington No other nominations. Nominations closed. Vice Presidents (4): Rex Lilly Allen Innis LeAnn Cloudman John McGee Frank Kiker Dave Schaffer Ted Gartman During the tabulatiing of the votes there was a special presentation of plaques to the previous board. Marti Miller Hayden Church Christine Covington Allen Innis Bill Fletcher Steve Mitchell (not present) Robert (Monty) Clark Ruth Reynolds Were all presented a plaque to thank them for their service to the NCAPI. Then 4 Vice Presidents voted into office are: Allen Innis Dave Schaffer Rex Lilly Ted Gartman The Assessment voted on earlier last year was discussed. We have been holding checks at the office for several months and want to at least deposit the checks. Since it has been decided to attempt to hire Mr. Caldwell as the lobbyist and to approach other industries affected by 74C for donations a motion about the $120 assessment was broached. Motion - to rescind the $120 mandatory assessment pending investigation of other avenues of revenue. Seconded. Vote: 2 – No 36 – Yes Motion - To have the Treasurer deposit the funds we have already received, plus any further funds for the lobbyist, into a separate account. If the assessment is later determined to be less, the difference can be refunded to those that have already contributed. Seconded. Motion Passed. Amend - We will return checks to those that do not wish to contribute until the assessment is determined. Seconded. Motion Amendment passed. We will be depositing the funds shortly. Please notify Marti Miller if you require your check back. Motion to Adjourn. Seconded. Motion Passed. Members in Attendance: Christine Covington - Blake Investigations Allen Innis - SSA Investigations David Sigmon - SSA Investigations Chad Sigmon - SSA Investigations Rex M. Lilly - Allied Protection & Inv Bill Dover - Kiker Investigation M.W. Safrit - Kiker Investigation Steve Gentry - Piedmont Detective Roy Price - Price Investigations Larry Flannery - Scott & Associates Brett Alford - Silent Protocol Inc. Dick Wilson - WWI, Charlotte Ralph Hanline - A-1, York, SC Cyndy Gunther - Tarheel Investigation Bill Lane - Layne & Associates Fred McKinney - Southeastern Consult. Russ Thomas - Thomas Associates Ed Cobbler - ELC Investigative Svs Ann Lane - CIR Ritchie McManus - Sterling Invesigative Ted Gartman - N-Focus Investigation Wayne Hall - Hall Associates Nick Hughes - Atlas Investigations Audra Colemn - Cameo Investigations Jeff A. Jones - Blue Ridge Bloodhd Dave Schaffer - Schaffer Investigative Jeff Kiker - Kiker Investigation Tom Rose - Kiker Investigation Frank Kiker - Kiker Investigation LeAnn Cloudman - Reynolds Professional Hayden Church - Track’Um Invest. Marti Miller - A-1 Services Greg Scott - Scott & Associates Tim McIntyre - MSI John McGee - MSI Monty Clark - Clark & Associates Ruth Reynolds - Reynolds Professional Bill Fletcher - Fletcher Investigation
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