Meeting Minutes >> December 2003 Minutes
December 2003 Minutes

NCAPI Meeting Minutes

12 December 2003


Board Members in Attendance:


Ruth Reynolds                                            Monty Clark

Hayden Church                                           Steve Mitchell      

Marti Miller                                                 Bill Fletcher

Christine Covington


First Order of Business was to explain that the Executive Protection License issue had been defeated. There was discussion about the Meeting on 11 December put on by Carlton Miles for the exploratory committee for EP license. Members of the board had been invited to attend and have their issues discussed. There was further discussion about the PPSB meeting putting an end, finally, to the EP license issue all together.


There was a motion to formally have Christine Covington added to the board as the Secretary. She had been filling in and taking minutes since October.

The motion was seconded.

The motion was approved.


There was discussion about the implementation of the $25.00 application fee for new members. This had been voted on and approved at the July meeting. However, at the October meeting the implementation had been delayed until the new board is seated.


It was discussed that the Annual Meeting will be held in Winston-Salem, NC on 24 January 2004 at the Adam’s Mark Hotel.


There was discussion about emailing all the membership with the news update that the PPSB had terminated the Executive Protection License issue.


Treasury Report:

Marti Miller

Current Checking balance:  $4051.18
Current Money Market balance:  $3386.74

The Treasurer is going to send a bill to the PPSB Fund for the seminar that was held in Winston-Salem. We are not anticipating being reimbursed by the Fund, but we will try.

It was discussed that we might be able to increase participation if we offered a pre-registration discount. The idea was discussed, but put off until the new board is seated since there is no current training in the works.

There was discussion about the funds collected toward the Lobbyist. According to Marti, the current is between $4800-5200. The mandatory fee of $100.00 per member was put on hold until the Annual meeting.


Motion to accept report - Ruth

Seconded – Bill

Approved unanimously


The discussion again turned to the feasibility of a Lobbyist. There was discussion about sending an email to the membership to see what the opinion was.


Membership Report:
Hayden Church


Hayden identifies there have been approximately 48-50 responses to the application that was sent out to 1500 PI’s in the state.


There was discussion about the need for PI licenses to be included with the application. The question was raised if it was also necessary with renewal. It was left to the secretary as to when to chase the licenses down.


There was discussion about re-doing the application for to include home addresses. It was also discussed to update the application to add license information to the end of the application. Also to edit and allow license or credential copies. No vote was made.


The application deadline was discussed. It was determined to be 15 February.

Motion to accept 15 February as deadline.


Accepted unanimously


Website issues:

It was discussed in detail that there were issues with how the website is performing. It was determined that Ruth would contact to see what the costs of reprogramming the website to be able to search by closest to a site by zip code would cost.


Ruth identified that every Wednesday has a class on different website issues.


It was also discussed that currently we are paying for email boxes that are not in use. It was proposed that we implement the mailboxes for the board members so that all of the NCAPI email that goes out can be correctly directed.




Ruth identified that they would check into what it would take to get the email boxes up and running.


The costs of were discussed. To house the website, they are charging $29.00 a month, but we are also paying $20.00 a month to have them maintain our search engine ranking.


It was discussed that the passwords would need to be charged after the annual meeting in Jan.


Ruth identified she would email the board with the information.


PAC Committee Report:

Bill Fletcher


Legislative and Legal:

EP License defeated.


PAC Fund:  $1808.30


Representative Phil Berger has a request in for PAC money.


Motion to Accept.


Accepted unanimously



Training Report:

Steve Mitchell


Seminar  -  There was discussion about the previous seminar. The turnout was disappointing, but we will work on getting more participation.

Continuing education person – Pat, has moved on.


Rick is willing to take on the continuing education issue.  He is currently at the Durham Technical Community College.


It was discussed that the project be protected as property of the NCAPI with a copyright.


There was a motion to allow Rick to become an Honorary Member since he recently relinquished his PI license. It was further proposed to make him the Chairman of the Education Committee.



Approved unanimously.



Ruth brought to our attention that Red Roof Inn is offering our members a 20% discount for staying with them. She identified you could call to get a free directory. When booking use discount code: CP#525979.


There was discussion about trying to include more members in the NCAPI. There was a suggestion of having a gathering in Statesville at the Vance Hotel on 6-7 February. On the evening of 6 February, there would be a 20’s period party. There would be a gift certificate prize for best costume. The party will be like a “speak easy” and will be bring your own bottle. A meal will be provided for $29.00 per person.


The Vance Hotel is offering a rate of $52.00 for a suite.


On 7 February, there would be a speaker on Interview Techniques.


Motion to make Marti Director of the Statesville Party.

Approved unanimously.


Paul Sequin then discussed vendors at the Annual meeting. He stated he currently has approximately 4-6 vendors that have shown interest in displaying at the Annual meeting.


It was requested that further details be forwarded to the board. There was discussion about concern that the vendors will not get much time with the membership. It was discussed that the vendors be allowed to set up the evening before when the membership is having their social gathering to allow members to browse.


Ruth also wanted to let us know that the website is now up and operating.


Motion to adjourn the meeting.


Approved unanimously.


Meeting adjourned 4:25p




Members in Attendance:

Ted Gartman                    N-Focus Investigations

Rick Clayton                    Allied Legal Services

Leanne Bright *****         RPS Burgen

Dave Shaffer                    Shaffer Investigative Services

Larry Flannery                  Scott & Associates

Ralph Hanline                   A-1 Hanline

Russ Thomas                   Thomas Association

Paul Sequin                      Abacus Research, Inc.   


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