Meeting Minutes >> October 2003 Minutes
October 2003 Minutes

Board Members in Attendance:

Ruth Reynolds

Marti Miller

Steve Mitchell

Allen Ennis



Ruth Reynolds opened the meeting and advised that this will be a different type of meeting since half of the board was not present. She advised that half the board was up at the North East Super Conference in Atlantic City, NJ.


She then discussed the discourse that occurred at the PPSB meeting 17 October 2003 between several NCAPI members and Carlton Miles. She explained how Mr. Miles was questioned about the “survey” he wrote and sent out under Larry Liggens signature. Mr. Miles was very defensive about his actions and the possibility of an Executive Protection license. Ruth requested that all be very careful when filling out the survey.


Training Report:  Steve Mitchell


Steve identified that he had emailed to the Association a questionnaire about upcoming training that could be offered. He identified that he had not had a very good response from the email. They are planning to have training 3 November 2003. The two topics that are being considered are


Ruth Reynolds  - Process Service, changes in the laws.

Don Peace - Surveillance Assistance, video surveillance.


It was discussed that these are topics that had been covered in recent time and it might be better to have other topics. It was discussed that there were very limited responses about the type of topics that would be of assistance to the Association. It was also brought up that there were very few offering their services to put on a seminar.


Locations for the training were discussed. Charlotte, Mooresville, Salisbury, and Burlington were offered as possible locations for the training. Steve and Allen Ennis are looking into locations and meeting room availability.


The question was raised if the PPSB recovery fund would be able to pay for the training. Steve explained that the Recovery Fund was still under the statutory minimum of $100,000 after the governor raided the fund. (Current on the Recover Fund is $24,810 from PPSB meeting 17 October 2003). He explained that payouts from the fund require the payment come from the interest, however since it is not at it’s mandatory minimum, it was unlikely to be reimbursed by the PPSB.


Other topics of training that were brought up are:

Report writing.


Computer Forensics.


It was discussed moving to Sunday / Monday instead of Monday / Tuesday. Steve and Alan will find out about meeting room availability.


It was proposed for spring to have Steve Williamson do a presentation about due diligence and litigation support.


Steve requested any information or ideas be emailed to him as soon as possible.


Steve identified that the cost of the seminar would be approximately $60 for members or $75 for non-members. The actual cost for the seminar to the Association would be approximately $5000.00.


Ethics and Bylaws - Alan Ennis


Alan identified that several of the by-laws changes that had been agreed upon at the last meeting had not been updated on the website. He identified that it would be addressed with the secretary to get it updated.


Alan also identified that it was no longer necessary to wait for the annual meeting to make changes to the by-laws.


Alan again requested that it be brought to his attention if any of the membership knows of unlicensed activity and don’t wish to make the complaint personally. He identified that he will file the complaint on behalf of the Association.


Motion to accept both the Training report and the Ethics & By-laws reports.


Unanimously accepted.


Pac-Fund Report


18 July 2003 changed banks to Wachovia.


Current balance in PAC $1808.30





Checking Information


Current balance in checking              $2422.98

Current balance in money market      $3386.74

Check to Clickcom.                           <$155.85>

Total                                                   $5809.72



Lobbyist Fund


25 Checks                                              $3000.00

13 Promises                                           $1560.00

Total                                                      $4560.00


With approximately 175 members the total should have been approximately $21,000.

Mr. Eddie Caldwell will require $24,000 for the next full session.


There was more discussion about the need for a lobbyist. Several discussed that the cost was prohibitive and they saw no reason for a lobbyist.


Ruth identified if she was not able to come up with more support, she would not sign a contract with Mr. Caldwell.


Motion to accept Financial Report.


Accepted unanimously.


Upon the return from the break, Ruth identified the board is elected by the membership. All are re-elected every year. She brought up the votes that occurred at the last meeting about the $120 assessment and the increase in the membership dues. She identified we needed the money.


Steve put forward a motion to suspend the $120 assessment until January, after the annual meeting.


Mr. Kiker and Mr. Seguin have proposed alternative approaches to raising money. Steve proposed each form a committee to look into the alternatives.

Both agree to do so.


Paul Seguin proposes contacting each member to find out what they feel about the situation with the lobbyist and what they feel are their issues. He agreed to contact members to find out their opinion.

Annual meeting  - Vendors


The board agrees to allow vendors at the Annual meeting.


There was a proposal to have Wayne Paul contacted for assistance in the western part of the state.


Christine Covington advised agreement to create a database with the addresses of PI’s in North Carolina. She also advised that she would contact the PPSB monthly for updates.


Motion to suspend $120 assessment.



Discussion - Marti was concerned about rescinding the assessment sending conflicting messages.


Steve explained it was not rescinding the $120. It was a suspension.



3 voted in favor.

1 voted in opposition.


There was a discussion about a letter being sent to every PI’s in North Carolina to join NCAPI with an application. The letter would be mailed by 15 November to meet the by-law requirement for notification of the annual meeting.


Marti proposed sending a bulk mailing. Marti identified she has a proxy from Hayden and Bill in favor of the mailing.


There was a proposal to waiving the $25 application fee for those that join prior to 1 January.


Motion Seconded.


Steve identified the last meeting included an increase in annual dues to $100 and a $120 assessment for the lobbyist fund.


There was further discussion about the results of increasing the dues and having the assessment.


The board identified that they are listening to the membership. They agreed that membership needs to be increased.


The motion was re-introduced to suspend the $120 assessment and leave the membership where it is until after the annual meeting in January.


Alan seconded.

Approved unanimously.


Annual meeting –


The meeting will be held on 24 January 2004 at the Adam’s Mark in Winston-Salem.


NCAPI will have a December meeting in Raleigh on 13 December.


Executive Protection –  Russ Thomas

Russ updated the group about the conflict at the PPSB meeting. He identified he had a discussion with Mr. Miles regarding the conflict that occurred at the PPSB meeting. Mr. Miles identified to Mr. Thomas his desire to come up with an Executive Protection license came from a situation with Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes attempted to get his PI license and was declined. Mr. Miles identified that this gentleman has exceptional EP experience, but Grady Connor allegedly advised he would not qualify for a PI license. Mr. Hughes ended up having to threaten to sue the board to get his license. Mr. Miles identified he was looking at this to avoid this problem in the future. Mr. Miles advised he was attempting to obtain further information in regards an EP license.


Mr. Miles received authority to gather data on the need for an EP license in the 10 January 2003 meeting.


He admits that he made a mistake by having Larry Liggett sign as the author of the survey.


Mr. Miles identified the board does not have the intent to remove any PI ability to complete our work.


Mr. Thomas encouraged Mr. Miles to send a letter to the secretary of the NCAPI to be forwarded to the membership with an explanation of his position.


Mr. Miles identifies that he also wants to define “bodyguard” and “protection”.

Re-introduction of the mass mailing motion.


Unanimously accepted.



Ruth Reynolds


In discussion about the previous PPSB meeting, Ruth identified that PPSB board member Kim McIntyre received approval from the PPSB to have the attendance record of the PPSB board members forwarded to their sponsors.


New member of the PPSB - Buckley Banks.


Insurance – Ruth identified we are being offered FREE insurance for membership of the NCAPI. She wanted our approval to identify our willingness to continue this program.

She identified that Eileen Hanson Kelly is willing to offer our membership

$1000 for each member

$500 for each spouse

$250 for each child


Motion to give okay to Ms. Kelly.


Unanimously approved.


Motion to adjourn.


Unanimously approved.


Meeting adjourned 12:35pm.



NCAPI Members in Attendance:


Christine Covington               Blake Investigations, Inc.

Jeffrey Covington                   Blake Investigations, Inc.

Patti Mitchell                         Associates Investigations Cons.
Frank Kiker                            Kiker Private Investigations

James Edwards                      Edwards Investigations

Bill Lane                                Lane & Associates Investigations

Brian Knopp                          Brian Lee Knopp Investigations

Russ Thomas                         Thomas Associates Investigations

Paul Seguin                           Abacus Associates

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