Meeting Minutes >> February 2003 Minutes
February 2003 Minutes
February 22, 2003
Raleigh NC
Holiday Inn- Highwoods

9:20 Meeting called to order.  Welcome and Introduction of 15 guests.  Allen Innis not present.

Secretary Report: 4 new members, Bill motion/ Hayden second.
Treasurer Report: Balance of accounts are checking, $2357.63 and money market $ 9372.18.  Monty motion/ Steve second.

Legal-Legislative Report: PAC balance is $ 178330, still in need fo funds.  The 74C Rewrite will be proposed April 1, 2004.

Education:  Steve Mitchell asked for input regarding future seminars. Inquired about the location, many do not want to return to Greensboro.  He suggested Adam's Mark in Winston-Salem.

Administative VP Report:  Hayden spoke regarding process service and suggesting charging no less than $50.00.  A lengthy discussion was held regarding the Sheriff Department and how papers could be obtained directly from them. Monty motion/ Kimberly second.

President Reynolds spoke about a new association, NCAPPS (North Carolina Association of Professional Process Servers.)  Handed out applications. 
10:00 AM Break
10:20 Meeting called back to order.
Monty spoke about the cost of directories.  The directories are not paying for themselves via selling ads.  Ads can still be placed at this time.
Old Business:  Nothing to report at this time
New Business: Hayden has an updated listed of licensess.  Suggested splitting list up and contacting them regarding membership.

To date, the PPSB has not recognized NCAPI as a provider of continuing education. They stated they have no problem with the seminars, as long as approval from them is obtained first.

President Reynolds asked present members about advertising again in the Casualty Adjuster's Guide.  No one has received calls from it.  Steve suggested finding other means of advertising.
Steve motion/ Marty second.

The peeping bill has been stalled and not yet passed.

NCAPI is in need of a lobbyist and more financial support along with representation from the PPSB.

Next meeting will be in Wilmington on April 22nd.

The anual SCALI meeting will by May 1-4 in Myrtle Beach.

NCISS and State Associations Advisory Board conference will be March 12-15 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Recovery Fund $17,676.00 and $341,982.00 Operating Fund
New credentials will include the 89 things PI's by law are allowed to do.  Easy to inform law enforcement of the laws.

11:33 PM.  Meeting adjourned.

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