Meeting Minutes >> April 2003 Minutes
April 2003 Minutes
Wilmington, NC
April 26, 2003
9:15 Meeting Called to Order

Hayden Church's report (list of members) broken down by area code and he spoke about increasing membership.
Monty Motion/Marti second

Marti PAC report $1,483.83 balance
Allen motion/ Marti second
Treasurer report $2,442.75 checking and $9,377.85 money market.
Marti spoke about bounced checks suggesting a $15 fee. The floor suggested $25.  Monty motion/ Allen second.
Monty motioned to accept treasurer report/ Hayden second.

Allen- Constitution and by-laws changes can be made and voted on by next meeting.  Ethics- Audio installations being cracked down by law enforcement.  Monty motion/ Hayden second.
Ruth discussed directories that had not been received.  Asked for emails  for not received.

PPSB Meeting.  The peeping law passed the House and is in the Senate.  Senator for Mecklenbry County was under the impression we opposed the bill.  Charles McDarrus is going to help us with letters.  Ruth suggested emails be sent to the judiciary committee.

No more criminal checks for renewals.
No fee increase until 1-1-04.

Discussion of charging out-of-state PI's working in our state, a hight fee for license.  Charles McDarrus will check and see if other states increase fees.

Allen stressed the importance of stopping the EP provision in 74C to going to the House.  The EP course Carlton Miles received permission from the PPSB is going to be equivalent to State Department standards. When all the PI's were asked at the meeting, none had received EP training on the state level.

Russ Thomas suggested class action suit against the PPSB to stop EP provision from going further..
Ruth made motion for a break at 10:00 AM.
10:20 meeting called back to order.

Patrick Cote passed a hand out around regarding continuing education.  Monty spoke about seminars continuing education for NCAPI to provide to members-for renewals on license letter sent to board that NCAPI is recognized as provider of Education passed.

Mr. Cote is proposing continuing education program to get CPI certification.  PI's will take a test to determine what you know and receive a certificate.
Russ Thomas discussed the benefit of NCAPI training and advantage of gaining new members.  Discussion went to floor.

Ruth stated 74C rewrite is gone to the Speaker.  The CCW issue was turned over to Russ Thomas.  Hayden made a motion for Russ to contact government in Chapel Hill and get unbiased opinion of what he is saying.  Russ agreed.  Allen second.

Meeting adjourned 11:35 PM
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