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October 2002 Minutes

October 19, 2002  
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
Hickory , North Carolina
Hickory Park Inn

Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present:

Monty Clark
Bill Fletcher
Ruth Reynolds
Kimberly Balson
Allen Innis
Steve Mitchell

Board Members not present:
Hayden Church

General Meeting called to order: 
The General membership meeting was called to order by President Clark at 9:15 AM.  Fifteen attendees were present and introductions were made.

President Clark announced that the next meeting would be January 11, 2003 in Greensboro, North Carolina.  This meeting was very important to attend as the Board of Directors Election will be taking place.  Renewals for membership are due January 1, 2003 and the renewal form has been posted on the homepage of the website.

The minutes were posted to the website for the August 2002 meeting by Secretary Balson.  President Clark made a motion to approve the minutes, Treasurer Reynolds 2nded the motion and the minutes were approved

Administrative Vice President:
VP Hayden Church was not present to give a report.

Treasurer's Report: 
Ruth Reynolds gave the treasurer's report and announced that the balance to date in the checking account was $1,225.16  in checking and the money market account balance was $5,364.00.  All bills to date have been paid with the exclusion of the meeting room.  A donation was made to NCISS in the amount of $200.00 from NCAPI.

It is estimated that the cost of the September 2002 seminar for NCAPI is between $800.00 and $1000.00.  Due to the Recovery Fund having a lack of funds, NCAPI has to now pay for the continuing education seminars.  VP Innis made a motion to accept the Treasurer's report, it was 2nded by VP Fletch and the report was approved.

Vice President/ Ethics and Bylaws:
VP Innis handed out 2003 NCAPI Election Candidates list and the nominees are as follows:
President:  Allen Innis, Ruth Reynolds
Secretary:  Kimberly Balson, Cindy Gunther
Treasurer:  Marti Miller
Vice Presidents:  Paul Seguin, Hayden Church, Bill Fletcher, Steve Mitchell, David Sigmon.

No more names will be added to the nomination list until the Annual meeting in January of 2003.

VP Innis also handed out a copy of the proposed changes to the Constitution and By-laws.  The changes will be voted on at the Annual meeting also. 

Vice President/ Programs and Education:
VP Mitchell stated 38 attendees were present at the September 2002 Seminar.  The fee for this class was a very nominal fee compared to other classes and VP Mitchell sent an email regarding attendance.  He emailed the general membership of abut 200 and only received 32 responses back.  He also stated that having two seminars a year, one being an advanced class and one being a b basic class might be beneficial to NCAPI and the members.Treasurer Reynolds made a motion to approve the report, it was 2nded by Kimberly Balson and the report was approved.

ice President/ Legal & Legislative Issues:   
VP Fletcher had a hand out of the October 16, 2002 74C Rewrite Committee Meeting.  Proposed changes included are:  The Powers of the Board approve all training schools and materials; License renewal will be for 2, 3 or 5 years, with no discount for multiple years; Adding Vehicle Data to the application for licenses, with such information being confidential; A Level I and Level II for  NC CCW firearm permits, one being for a private citizen and one being for an armed PI.

PPSB member Grady Connor was present and a lengthy discussion was held regarding the CCW permit issue.  Mr. Conner also stated a proposal has been made to reduce the previous number of 12 PPSB members down to 9, but the number has recently risen to 16 members. The question arose as to why so many board members were needed and it was suggested the reason behind it was political.

VP Fletcher announced that regarding the PAC Fund, there is a training meeting andCampaign Report Meeting on October 23, 2002 in Raleigh.  VP Fletcher asked to attend and that traveling expenses only be re-imbursed.  There is no charge for the training.  VP Innis made a proposal to the Board to reimburse VP Fletcher for travel expenses, Treasurer Reynolds 2nded the proposal and it was approved.

President Clark stated it has been almost a year since the PAC Fund was formed asking each member for a $50.00 contribution.  Very little response has been received, and there is an urgent need to obtain lobbying and more funds. 

VP Fletcher recommended contributing funds to Reprensentative Jim Black and Senator Mark Bassnight.  Both men have appointed PPSB members in the past.  A discussion was held on who should receive funds from the PAC fund and it was decided to send $250.00 to the following: Rep. Jim Black, Senator Bassnight, Senator John Garwood and Senator Hamilton Horton, Jr.
VP made these contributions into a proposal, it was 2nded by Treasurer Reynolds and the proposal for the contributions was approved.

A reminder was given that any contributions to the PAC fund should be sent directly to Bill Fletcher.

New Business:
President Clark stated that the proposed changes to 74C were going to be passed and a meeting will be held on October 31st in Raleigh, NC regarding the changes.

A discussion was held regarding cases being kept on file either as a hard copy or media copy.  It was stated that media copies are not accepted and that the report must be signed by the Investigator. 

A break was taken at 11:05 AM and the Meeting was Back to Order at 11:20AM

Old Business:
President Clark stated that only passport and digital pictures are being accepted for the new credentials.  The digital pictures may be on a floppy disk or can be emailed directly to the PPS.  The problem with the digital pictures is that they are being stretched and distorted and look horrible once they are inserted into the the credentials. 

President Clark presented a letter that he submitted to the PPS regarding continuing education.  He asked that NCAPI be approved and recognized as a provider for continuing education.  President Clark feels very strongly that continuing educations is going to be mandatory in the future.  Mr. Clark was informed by PPS Director Wayne Woodard that approval of such could be not be obtained due to statutory authority.  President Clark found the statute and it does not restrict such  approval and Mr. McDarris and Mr. Woodard did not challenge it, but stated it will be researched.   A vote will be taken at the next PPSB meeting in December.

The issue of the Fair Credit Reporting Act was discussed and how it affects PI's.  An article appeared in the September 10,2002 issue of PI Magazine.  If an investigation is done for an employer, the employee must be notified of the investigation and a report must be submitted.  PI's need to be excluded from this Act and President Clark recommended joining NCISS, which is higly involved in trying to overturn this issue.

At 11:45 AM, the meeting adjourned.

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