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August 2002 Minutes

August 17, 2002  
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
Raleigh, North Carolina

Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present:

Hayden Church
Bill Fletcher
Ruth Reynolds
Kimberly Balson
Allen Innis
Steve Mitchell

Board Members not present:
Monty Clark

General Meeting called to order: 
The General membership meeting was called to order by Treasurer Ruth Reynolds at 9:25 AM.  Six attendees were present and introductions were made.

The minutes were posted to the website for the June 2002 meeting by Secretary Balson.  

Administrative Vice President:
VP Hayden Church

Vice President/ Legal & Legislative Issues:   
The PAC fund has a balance of $1925.30 and a question arose regarding what this money is going to be used for, lobbyist, attorney, ect.   VP Fletcher stated the fund was created to hlep recover some of the lost Recovery Fund.

VP Fletcher stated that PPSB member, Keith Shannon, is not a private investigator and he is head of the 74-C Rewrite Committee, and proposed the draft changes. One of the changes is the requirements for a PI license, which may go up to 6,000 hours training.  That would be equivalent be to three years full time employment.  Ruth Reynolds made a motion to accept the report, Allen Innis 2nded it and it was accepted.

Vice President/ Ethics and Bylaws:
VP Innis stated that Lenora Topp had one charge against her dismissed after A PPS Audit. 
The upcoming elections will be at the Annual meeting in January of 2003 and VP Innis asked for the names of any one who is considering to be submitted before the October meeting. 
Nominations currently include:
President:  Ruth Reynolds and Allen Innis
Vice Presidents:  David Sigmon, Bill Fletcher, Steve Mitchell and Hayden Church
Treasurer:  Marti Miller
Secretary: Undecided
Kimberly Balson made a motion to accept the report, Bill Fletcher 2nded it and it was accepted.

Vice President/ Programs and Education:
VP Mitchell stated a tentative date for the upcoming seminar is planned for September 16 and 17, 2002.  The seminar will be on Executive Protection and Collecting Evidence.  Each class will be a 4 hour block and will be held in Greensboro.  A charge for the seminar is now necessary due to the lack of funds in the Recovery Fund.  Allen Innis made a proposal to charge $75.00 for non-members and $60.00 for members.  Non-members paying the $75.00 will get a free 2002 membership to NCAPI. 

Hayden Church suggested billing the PPS for the seminar to see if they will pay or help with some of the costs.  Paul Seguin suggested having sponsors or booths to help finacially with the fund and will contact several vendors for the 2003 annual meeting. Kimberly Balson made a motion to approve the report, it was 2nded by Ruth Reynolds and was accepted.

A break was taken at 10:20 AM and the Meeting was Back to Order at 11:30AM
Treasurer's Report: 
Ruth Reynolds gave the treasurer's report and announced that the balance to date in the checking account was $1,789.54  in checking and the money market account balance was $5,359.63.The ad in the Casualty Adjuster's Guide has been paid in full.Kimberly Balson made a motion to approve the report, it was 2nded by Allen Innis and was accepted.

New Business:
An announcement was made about future meetings and where they will be held.  October will be in Hickory, December will be in Raleigh with the date not yet announced.  2003 will be as follows: 
February 20, 21, Raleigh with a special 74C rewrite meeting on the 19th
April 24, 25 Wilmington
June 19, 20 Raleigh
August 21, 22 Raleigh

Regarding the changes to NCAPI's Constitution and Bylaws, any changes need to be submitted before the October meeting.  A special meeting regarding the changes will be held in connection with the Sept. Seminar.

Meeting Adjourned:  11:20 AM

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