Meeting Minutes >> June 2002 Minutes
June 2002 Minutes

June 22, 2002  
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
Raleigh, North Carolina

Meeting Minutes
Board Members Present:
Monty Clark
Hayden Church
Bill Fletcher
Ruth Reynolds
Kimberly Balson
Allen Innis

Board Members not present:
Steve Mitchell

General Meeting called to order: 
The General membership meeting was called to order by President Clark at 9:10 AM.  An introduction was made by everyone present.  (14 Guests).

There was not a separate BOD meeting on June 21, 2002.

The minutes were posted to the website for the April 2002 meeting by Secretary Balson. VP Innis made a motion to approve and Treasurer Reynolds 2nded the motion.  The minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report: 
Treasurer Reynolds gave the report and announced that the balance to date in the checking account was $3,002.41and the money market account balance was $7,353.83. 

Administrative Vice President:
VP Church announced NCAPI has 33 new members.  The majority of the members signed up at the recent seminar.  Telephone calls were made to licensees in regards to the seminar.  New members are needed to cover the cost ot the possible raise in licensing fees.   A suggestion was made to solicit ads for the 2003 NCAPI Directory to raise revenue.

Vice President/ Legal & Legislative Issues:   
VP Fletcher stated that the Legislature is back in session, but only regarding the budget.  F. Ballance is running for Congress, so he will not be in the Legislature.

The PAC fund has a $1600.00 in it and there is a monthly fee of $6.55 per month for the account.  This checking account does not earn interest and any checks for the PAC fund should be made out to NCAPI-PAC.

Vice President/ Programs, Education, Budget & Finance:
VP Mitchell was not present to give a report.

Vice President/ Ethics and
VP Innis stated one NCAPI member had her PI license suspended and she was appealing it.  There were no other complaints at this time.  Updating the by-laws and constitution is a must for NCAPI and VP Innis is working on a Nomaniting Committee to help.

A lengthy discussion was held by President Clark regarding the Governor taking the majority of the Recovery Fund.  He stressed it is very important to keep an eye on what is happening with the PPS at this time.  An inquiry was made about doing away with the Recovery Fund entirely.  NCAPI had a PAC fund previously when Governor Easley was running for office and donated $5,000.00.  An invitation was made to the Governor from NCAPI, but a response was never received. 

The probability of licensing fees being increased to cover the operating costs of the PPS is very high.  A discussion was held about the PPS being eliminated and Licensees would be directly under the Department of Justice.  Director Wayne Woodard made a comment several months back regarding the license fees increasing.  President Clark suggested putting the money into a regular account where the funds can not be withdrawn by the Governor. 

At the previous meeting, President Clark challenged everyone to donate into the PAC fund, but to date, the account only has $1600.00.  This PAC fund could be used to hire a lobbyist on behalf of NCAPI.    The question arose regarding if NCAPI could donate to the PAC fund.  This is possible with the Board Approval.  A lobbyist cost between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 and once the PAC is increased, NCAPI can decide to vote on donating to it.  Business checks can not be used for the PAC fund, only personal checks.

President Clarkspoke about the recent seminar in Greensboro, NC.  Pate Cote and Don Kneece were the speakers and there were 57 attendees.  Don Kneece is having another seminar at the end of July and Ruth Reynolds will get the details out to members.  SCALI has 2 seminars a year, with a conference and one day workshops.  They have about 40 to 60 attendees and chare about $60.00 to $75.00 to attend.  Changes in NCAPI's seminars and annual conference are being considered.

The cost of NCAPI's website is increasing.  Secretary Balson stated she would look into other hosts and plans. has been purchased and is not accessible on the Web.
VP Mitchell spoke regarding future seminars and ways to cover the costs.  Having members pay in advance would help with the funds and increase the attendance.  A committee is needed to help fund these seminars with vendors and Jennifer McKenzie stated she would start getting it together. President Clark spoke about the continuing education for licensees.  If the PPS ever made this mandatory, NCAPI would be in a very favorably spot to hold these classes.  This could be a very financial advantage to NCAPI.

A break was taken at 10:40 AM and the Meeting was Back to Order at 11:00 AM

Old Business:   There was no old business to report. 

New Business:
President Clark announced that Governor Easley, who once took out $100,000 out of our Recovery Fund, has done it again.  This time, $290,000.00 was taken out of the fund.  $200,000.00 was taken out of the PPS Operating fund and $135,000.00 was taken from the Alarm System Licensing board.  These withdrawals came with no notice and no explanation.  A rather lengthy discussion was held on the legality of such withdrawals.  Russ Thomas stated he would research about any indemnification regarding this large amount of money that was simply just taken from us.

Director Wayne Woodard had written letters to the Governor stating the purpose of this money, where the funds came from and that he does not have the right to take it.  The Attorney General also stated that the Governor does not have any legal rights to the funds.

The Recovery Fund has been used for the continuing education of Licensees.  This fund has also been used for insurance for PI's, but PI's are required to carry their own insurance.  A question was brought up about reducing the cost of our renewal fees so that less is put into the Recovery Fund.  

A Pac fund is needed and President Clark asked the membership to contribute to the fund when it is is place. 
VP Mitchell suggested opening up NCAPI to the ASLB to increase our numbers and have more support to fight against situations such as the Recovery Fund. The PPSB will most likely raise licensing fees to recover some of the operating costs.  

VP Fletcher stated he would set up the Pac fund and also asked members to donate $50.00.  He also asked the membership to send out a letter to every State Representative.  

NCAPI gave $5,000.00 to Governor Easley 5 years ago when he was running for office.  He has been invited to several meetings, but has never showed up.

Keith Shannon's seat on the PPSB will be vacant soon and there is a very strong need to get more industry members on the Board. Bill Allen was an industry member and is now off and Phyllis Lynch has resigned.  

President Clark stressed that in the past, the continuing education seminars have been free and is the only Association he is aware of that offers this.  Now because of not being able to fund the seminars from the Recovery Fund, there will have to be a charge for upcoming evernts.  There will be a certain fee for members, with a slightly higher fee for non-members.  Continuing Education is mandatory and if the State would recognize these seminars, then these seminars would be very beneficial to NCAPI.

A 10 minute break was taken.

There was no old business.

New Business:
Keith Shannon of the PPSB has missed the last 3 board meetings.  President Clark stated that at the open PPS meeting, he asked for Mr. Shannon to step down voluntarily or be removed due to his absence.

Regarding the Past-President status, if three meetings are missed, the person can not be re-appointed.  This is the same for every board position.  It was suggested that a letter from the Board to Past-President Topp asking for her resignation, due to her missing the meetings.  President Clark stated that was not necessary, because by her not attending, she had voluntarily resigned.

The PPSB has 25 new firearms trainers and David Sigmon of The Blackhawk Group, is now a certified trainer and CCW instructor.  The Blackhawk Group was featured on the Today Show on May 8th.  Mr. Sigmon was on the show briefly. 

Any possible changes to the NCAPI Constitution need to be submitted to VP Innis so the possible changes can be sent out to the general membership before the annual conference in January of 2003. 

Susan Harrison of the PPS has retired and will stay on a part-time basis to train with Shannon Hunt, who is taking her position.

Meeting Adjourned:  11:20 AM

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