Meeting Minutes >> February 2002 Minutes
February 2002 Minutes

February 2002 Meeting
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
Raleigh, North Carolina

February 15 ,2002  BOD Meeting
February 16, 2002 General Meeting
Board Members Present:
Monty Clark
Allen Innis
Bill Fletcher
Ruth Reynolds
Kimberly Balson

Board Members not present:
Hayden Church, Steve Mitchell, Lenora Topp

I.  BOD Meeting called to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 11:45 AM by President Clark. 

II. Minutes. Minutes from the previous meeting on January 12, 2002  in Greensboro had been posted to the website.   The previous BOD meetings were held on Saturdays preceding the General Meeting. 

President Clark made a motion to change the BOD meeting to the Friday, directly following the PPSB meeting.  The motion was 2nded and approved.The position of Secretary was vacant. 

President Clark appointed Kimberly Balson as Secretary.  Allen Innis 2nded and was approved.
The 74-C has not been changed to date.
A discussion was held regarding voting on new members via email between meetings.  A change in the Constitution and By-laws is needed regarding this.

III.  Administrative Vice President/ Membership & Public Relations:
VP Church was not present.

IV.  Vice President/ Legal & Legislative Issues:    
VP Fletcher did not have anything to report at this meeting. 

V.  Vice President/ Programs, Education, Budget & Finance:
VP Mitchell was not present

VI.  Treasurer's Report: 
Treasurer Reynolds stated that re-imbursement for the PPS for the Continuing Education Seminar in October was not yet received.  Director Wayne Woodard currently had the bill. 

VII.  Vice President/ Ethics and By Laws: 
VP Innis spoke about the grounds for denying or revoking memberships within NCAPI.  Some revisions are needed to allow the Board the uthority to do so. 

A Grievance Committee needs to be formed and in place to handle these applications or memberships and deny or revoke these, whenever needed. VP Innis made a motion to form a Committee to review the Constitution and By-Laws.  President Clark asked that this Committee be formed and in place before the December 2002 meeting so that changes could be made at the Annual Meeting in January 2003.  Treasurer Reynolds 2nded the motion and it was approved.

Meeting Adjourned:
The BOD meeting was adjourned at 12:24 PM.

General Meeting called to order: 
The General membership meeting was called to order by President Clark at 9:15 AM on Saturday, February 16, 2002.  An introduction was made by everyone present.  (12 Visitors)

President Clark spoke briefly about the new feature on the website which allows for a search sorted by county, zip or city.  Any changes or corrections to the website should be emailed to the Secretary.
President Clark announced that Kimberly Balson is now the Secretary of NCAPI.  That position had been vacant and at the BOD meeting on the previous day, she was voted in and was approved by all Board members. 

A question arose concerning PI Associate members holding office.  It was stated that this should not be a reason to deny a Board Position; Phyllis Lynch, a current PPSB member is a PI Associate.  

Old Business:    
It was announced that new applicants can now be approved between meeting via emails within the Board.  New Business:  VP Innis stated that changes are being made to the 74-C, but NCAPI's Constitution and By-Laws has been neglected and has a strong need for updating.  He stated he had formed a Committee to start this review and will be looking at issues such as denying or revoking memberships.

Treasurer's Report: 
Treasurer Reynolds announced that the balance to date in the checking account was $2,949.64  and the money market account balance was $7,402.72.  The reimbursement from the PPS for the October seminar had not been received. 

Vice President/ Legal & Legislative Issues:    
VP Fletcher had no report regarding the 74-C Rewrite by Keith Shannon.   Regarding the $100,000 that was taken out of the recovery fund, there was still a possibility that this could happen again.
There was also a possibility that all PI licenses and renewals would be increased by $25.00.
President Clark mentioned obtaining an attorney for the opinion on a lawsuit against the Governor.

Vice President/ Education:    
VP Mitchell, regarding the 2002 Seminars, had several possible topics such as Executive Protection and Fundamental PI classes.  There is no cost to the membership as long as there is money in the Recovery Fund.  President Clark suggested a workshop with 4 or 5 speakers and a charge of @$50.00 to cover expenses.

Vice President//Memberships:
VP Church stated we had 3 new members since the last meeting.  The by-laws now state that July 18th is the renewal date; this needs to be changed to reflect all memberships expire on December 31st.  The membership directories will be handed out at the next meeting and mailed out to the remaining membership.

In Investigator with the PPS, Lisa ???, spoke about the relationship between NCAPI and the PPS.  There needs to be a stronger bond to help with correspondence, attendance in meetings, and number of members. 
Meeting Adjourned:  AT 10:00 AM for a break

Meeting Back to Order:  at 10:37 AM

Ted Gartman shared a Casualty Adjuster's Claim Guide and spoke about advertising in the directory.   They are willing to put an link to our website if we do the same, without wanting endorsement from NCAPI.  Mr. Gartman stated his ad in the directory paid for itself and suggested that NCAPI place an ad. 
After reviewing the book, VP Innis made a motion to purchase a ¾ page ad for $950.00.  The deadline for this ad was the 2nd week in March.  VP Fletcher 2nded the motion, and the ad was approved.  Troy Perry will design the ad, co-ordinate it with Kimberly Balson by 2-19-02.

VP Mitchell mentioned the Lawyer's Weekly publication and advertising in it for about $500.00 per year for a business card ad.  The circulation is over 14,000 and  he will follow up with it.

A question arose regarding the NCAPI logo and using it on business cards.  There are no guidelines on who can use the logo on websites, cards, or other material.  VP Innis made a motion for the use of this logo upon approval of the NCAPI BOD.  President Clark 2nded the motion and it was passed.

The BOD approved Phyllis Lynch and Grady Conner as Honorary Member to NCAPI due to their PPSB status.

A change in the Constitution is needed to allow for changes and voting during the year and just not at Annual Meetings. 

The PPSB is considering going to a Quarterly meeting instead of every 2 months.

Meeting Adjourned:  11:40AM

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