Meeting Minutes >> January 2002 - Annual Conference and Elections
January 12, 2002 - Annual Conference and Elections

North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
Greensboro, North Carolina
Ramada Inn-Albert Pick Road

January 12,2002
Annual Conference and Elections
Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:
Monty Clark
Allen Innis
Hayden Church
Steve Mitchell
Bill Fletcher
Ruth Reynolds
Kimberly Balson

Board Members not present:
Lenora Topp

I.  BOD Meeting called to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 9:10 AM by President Clark.  He welcomed everyone present and appointed Clint Cooper as the Sergeant of Arms.  As of January 12, 2002 there were only 96 renewals for membership for 2002.  There were approximately 195 members in 2001.

II. Minutes. Minutes from the previous meeting on October 13, 2001 in Chapel Hill, NC were read by Kimberly Balson.  No changes were made and VP FLetcher made a motion to approve the minutes,  VP Innis 2nded, and the minutes were approved.

III.  Administrative Vice President/ Membership & Public Relations:
VP Church stated he attended the PPSB meeting on December 14, 2001.  One topic discussed was the nes credentials for PI's and when they would be mailed out.  Director Wayne Woodard did not have a date when they would be released, but stated new credentials had been approved.

IV.  Vice President/ Legal & Legislative Issues:  VP Fletcher also spoke of the December PPSB meeting and about member Keith Shannon and that changes will be introduced in the January Session. At present, there was $292,186.00 in the Recovery Fund.  There was approximately $500,000.00 in the fund not too long ago and $100,00.00 was withdrawn by the Governor.  Nothing is preventing any more money being taken, but Attorney General Cooper stated he would keep funds in the Recovery Fund.   
VP Fletcher stated that Wayne Woodard's title has been changed from Administrator to Director.  The PPSB now has the authority to grant temporaruy licenses until the Board meets again, so the 2 month waiting period is decreased. 
The 2002 PPSB will be primarily in Raleigh, NC with the exception of the April meeting at Wrightsville Beach and the October meeting in Asheville.  Not all dates have been set and the PPSB is stating they are cutting back on travel.  A tour of the new PPSB office in Raleigh is being planned so that all licenses may visit and see the new facilities. 

V.  Vice President/ Programs, Education, Budget & Finance:
VP Mitchell spoke of the two seminars held in 2001 by NCAPI.  There were 1150 pieces of notices mailed out for the June seminar and 1000 pieces for the October seminar.  He stated these seminars are a huge amount of work and the topics for these seminars came from the General Membership.  Plans for the two seminars in April and October have not been made and topics and suggestions from the membership are welcome.  The total cost combined for the 2001 seminars was approximately $8,600.00.

VI.  Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer Reynolds stated that from February 2001 to December 2001, $15,336.98 was deposited into NCAPI accounts.  To date, the balance for the checking account was $1,168.71 and the balance for the money market account was $3,026.27.  In the year 2001, $91.83 was earned as interest for the money market account.   NCAPI's website host, ClickCom, waived the December fee and has discounted the monthly fee by $1.00.

The PPSB has not reimbursed NCAPI for the October seminar.  Treasurer Reynolds will contact the PPS and ask Susan Harrison about the funds.  The funds for these seminars come directly out of the Recovery Fund.  VP Innis made a motion to approve the treasurer's report, it was 2nded by President Clark and the report was approved.

VII.  Vice President/ Ethics and By Laws:  There was no old business at this time, but VP Innis stated that after reviewing Article3, Section 8, NCAPI does not have any cause or grounds to deny or revoke a membership to any applicant or licensee.  A change in this is needed to allow NCAPI the authority to deny or revoke a membership.  VP Innis made a motion to allow for the proposed changes on denying or revoking a membership, and VP Fletcher 2nded.  RJ Provost asked about 30 day notification being sent out to the General Membership regarding any changes.  A lengthy discussion was held on the topic and was it was tabled for the next meeting.

President Clark discussed a conversation with Director Woodard of the PPS.  A letter was sent out regarding the new credentials, but a response was never received.  A phone call to the Director was made and he stated there is no problem with the new credentials, just a concern regarding where the funds will come. This is the only problem concerning PI's getting more professional credentials. Badges also have been approved, but needs to be put in writing with legislature.  There is no telling how long this will take.  President Clark stated the PPS needs to be monitored regarding issues such as continuing education, insurance, etc. 

Meeting Adjourned:  The BOD meeting was adjourned at 9:53 AM.

General Meeting called to order:  The General membership meeting was called to order by President Clark at 10:16 AM.  An introduction was made by everyone present.
Old Business:  RJ Provost inquired about the General Membership being allowed to vote and for someone to look into this.  VP Innis statedthat members can vote on anything except motions to change the constitution or by laws.    Russ Thomas asked about the meeting minutes for the General Meeting and the BOD meeting and if they are available for members to see.  The minutes are posted on the NCAPI website and can be printed out from that site. 

New Business:  Six new members were approved for membership at this time.  They were Kathryn MacDonald, Robert Ryals, Leonard Wolk, Suk-hui Wolf, Kevin Ousley and Amanda Sabrdaran.  President Clark made the motion to approve them, VP Innis 2nded them and all were approved.

The website is hosted by ClickCom and will soon have an additional feature.  This feature will be a search in which a person can enter a zip code, region or city and find Private Investigators within that area.  VP Church suggested increasing the annual NCAPI membership dues to help cover the cost of building and maintaining the website.  He stated that one case resulting from the website would very well cover the cost of the membership.

In regards to the PPSB members, President Clark stated he has seen a very dramatic change in the attitudes of the members. This change is a positive one and Director Woodard is willing to work with NCAPI, but he has his own people to answer to.  President Clark stated we should be patient with the PPSB and that we continue working hard to better our profession.  NCAPI Board members do not get a salary, nor are any expenses paid to the BOD members.

Ed Cobbler asked about John Grecko being on the PPSB.  President Clark stated that he felt the the PPSB is wanting more outside, meaning other than Private Investigators, on the Board.  David Pendry, Chief of Police from N. Wilkesboro, will be the next PPSB member. Mr. Pendry, who is a non-industry member was present and spoke regarding our industry.  He stated that when he goes to the PPS, he would like to know our wishes and that he will do his best to make our requests happen. 
The General Membership meeting was then closed at 10:44 in order for the 2002 BOD Elections to proceed.

NCAPI BOD Elections:
Nominations were taken and were as follows:
Treasurer:  Ruth Reynolds was nominated to be the Treasurer again and since there were no other nominations, she was elected to the Board.

The four VP Positions:  Steve Mitchell, Hayden Church, Allen Innis, Paul Seguin, David Sigmon, and Bill Fletcher.

Secretary:  Kimberly Balson.  There were no other nominations for this position.  Since there were no other nominations, a vote was called to allow Ms. Balson to be the Secretary.  Brian Knopp inquired about Associate members being allowed to serve on the Board.  Ms. Balson is not an Associate Member, but is a PI Associate.  She is a full member to NCAPI.  The constitution was read and it stated that no PI Associates could hold office.  President Clark made a motion that this particular sentence be stricken from the Constitution.  He made a motion to vote on this matter at the next meeting, which would give the General Membership a 30 day notice that the Constitution was being ammended.  Russ Thomas made a motion to suspend the sentence regarding PI Associates not being allowed to serve on the Board and for Ms. Balson to be elected immediately to this position.  This motion was for the limited purpose of allowing Ms. Balson to be Secretary.  No other members volunteered to hold the position.  President Clark 2nded the motion and the General Membership voted. 

Again, a very lengthy and controversial discussion was made regarding the issue of changing the Constitution without the proper 30 day notice to the General Membership.  RJ Provost also stated that changes to the Constitution could only be made at the Annual Meetings.  At this time, President Clark retracted everything and stated that it would be held over to the next meeting.  Again, Russ Thomas made his motion to allow Ms. Balson to serve on the Board as Secretary.  Troy Perry 2nded the motion and a vote was taken.  Two votes were opposed and the motion passed.

RJ Provost made a motion to supercede the Constitution and allow members to vote by absentee ballot, emails, letter, etc at the Annual Elections. Ed Cobbler, a former NCAPI BOD member, stated this topic had been presented and tabled for many years.  Mr. Provost's motion was never voted on.

Voting commenced on the 4 VP positions and the current Board was re-elected. 
The VP Members are Hayden Church, Allen Innis, Steve Mitchell and Bill Fletcher.  They will continue to serve the same VP Positions as in 2001.

Suggestions were welcomed by President Clark and subjects such topics for the Continuing Education Seminars, health insurance rates, and website information were casually discussed.  A suggestion of adding a link to the General Assembly on the NCAPI webpage was made and Ms. Balson said she would look into that. 

Meeting Adjourned:  VP Innis made a motion to adjourn at 12:13 PM, it was 2nded by VP Mitchell and the meeting was adjourned.

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