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October 2001 Minutes
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Sheraton-Chapel Hill
1 Europa Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

October 13, 2001 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:

Hayden Church
Ruth Reynolds
Jennifer McKenzie
Steve Mitchell
Allen Innis
Kimberly Balson (Assistant Secretary)

Board Members not present:

Monty Clark
Lenora Topp
Bill Fletcher

I. Meeting Called to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 9:50 AM by VP Hayden Chruch. President Clark was not present due to some recent hip surgery. VP Church welcomed the 4 guests.

II. Minutes:

Minutes from the meeting held on August 18th in Asheville, NC were posted to the website by Kimberly Balson. A motion was made for approval of these minutes, 2nded, and the minutes were approved.

III. Treasurerís Report:

Treasurer Reynoldsí gave a report stating the checking balance was $918.42 and that all bills had been paid

The balance of the money market account was $6,011.86. B. Shaffer inquired about where the money in the money market account comes from. Treasurer Reynolds stated the money comes from membership dues, advertisements, and funds from the PPS for seminars.

A motion to accept the treasurerís report was made by VP Allen Innis, seconded by Jennifer McKenzie and the treasurerís report was approved.

IV. Vice President / Programs, Education, Budget & Finance:

VP Steve Mitchell spoke of the upcoming seminar on October 29th and 30th. Each day will be divided into two 4-hour segments. The first segment will be on Process Serving, by Ruth Reynolds. The second segment will be on Marketing, by CJ Bronstrup. VP Mitchell sent out over 1500 notices for this seminar. $235.04 was spent on the printing of these materials, $510.00 on the postage and $ 26.05 on labels.
A concern was brought up on the Marketing segment about NCPI funds paying for a seminar that is merely advertising. VP Mitchell made it very clear the $0 is being paid for the Marketing segment. Mr. Bronstrup will be selling his material at the seminar and will be charging the Association nothing to teach the class.

V. Vice President / Legal and Legislative Issues:

VP Church and VP Fletcher took Senator Garwood to dinner on Sept, 11, 2001. He stated that nothing is really happening until the next January 2002 Session.

VP Mitchell asked about reciprocity with the CCW permit across other states. Russ Thomas stated that there is a bill that allows active and retired LEO's to have full authority to carry a concealed weapon into any state.

PPSB Member Grady Conner was present and stated that if you get a CCW in the state of Utah or Florida, that will allow you to carry a concealed weapon in 25 states. Legislative is needed to get a new CCW law. Fulltime PI's are exempt from the restrictions of the CCW law, just like LEO's. A new law proposed for the CCW would have 2 Levels and this would be changed in the 74-C.
As of 01-01-02, a new PI must go through 24 hours of training in order to a CCW permit.
Grady Conner also spoke of the new PI credentials and having them printed. Digitally imprinted pictures are being considered and the subject of the badges has been approved by the PPS so far. Mr. Conner had 10 credentials to vote on. These 10 credentials varied slightly and he suggested contacting Wayne Woodard and pushing him to change the present, poor quality, credentials. Once a new credential is voted on, Mr. Conner will proposed to Wayne Woodard and carbon-copied to all of the PPSB members. VP Innis stated he would talk to his corporate attorney for advice for NCAPI regarding legal issues and the PPSB. A motion was made by VP Mitchell for VP Innis to do this, 2nded by Ruth Reynolds, and passed.
VP Innis brought up the question of what happens when a PI is denied a license and then appeals it. An investigator will obtain information about the case and depending on the evidence and witnesses found, the decision then will be made.
11:00 AM was a break with the meeting re-adjourning at 11:25 AM.

The next meeting for NCAPI will be the Annual Meeting in Greensboro, NC on January 12, 2002. The next PPS Meeting will be on December 13, 2001 in Hickory, NC.
VI. Administrative Vice President / Membership & Public Relations:

VP Hayden Church read a list of the new members. A motion was made to approve the members by Jennifer McKenzie and 2nded by Ruth Reynolds.

New Business:

There was no new business to discuss at this time.

Old Business:

Due to the small size of the meeting, the General Membership meeting was combined with the Board meeting.
Russell Thomas brought up the topic of Group Health Insurance for NCAPI. He stated that in NC we are not qualified to offer this.

VP Mitchell stated that NCAPI desperately needs to increase its membership. He suggested opening up the membership to outside sources, not just to private investigators.
A motion was made for the meeting to adjourn, 2nded and the meeting was adjourned at 12:26PM.

List of Members and Guests present:

Russ Thomas, Steve Mitchell, Hayden Church, Ruth Reynolds, Kimberly Balson, Jennifer McKenzie, Allen Innis, B. Shaffer, Grady Conner and Lenora Topp.

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