Meeting Minutes >> August 2001 Minutes
August 2001 Minutes
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators

Asheville, North Carolina
Ramada Inn-Plaza Hotel
435 Smoky Park Highway

August 18, 2001 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:

Monty Clark
Hayden Church
Ruth Reynolds
Lenora Topp
Bill Fletcher
Steve Mitchell
Kimberly Balson (Assistant Secretary)

Board Members not present:

Allen Innis
Jennifer McKenzie

I. Meeting Called to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 9:05a.m. President Clark welcomed the attendees.

II. Minutes:

Minutes from the meeting held on June 16th in Cornelius, NC were read by the Assistant Secretary, Kimberly Balson. A motion was made for acceptance by VP Fletcher, the motion was 2nd by Treasurer Reynolds and the minutes were approved.

It was decided that the minutes would not be read at the meetings anymore. The minutes are posted on the website for everyone to see and reading them at the meetings is very time-consuming.

III. Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Reynolds’ gave a report stating the checking balance was $1443.00 on 8-16-01. She reported three deposits had been made. The beginning balance was $2401.34, with many checks being paid out.

The beginning balance of the money market account was $4,594.51 with an ending balance of $6,004.00 on 8-16-01. A deposit of $4,000.00 was made from PPS for the cost of the June seminar.

A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Past President Topp, seconded by Bill Fletcher and the treasurer’s report was approved.

IV. Administrative Vice President / Membership & Public Relations:

VP Hayden Church stated he sent out 32 letters for membership to new licensees. Approximately 15% of the applications that VP Church sent out were returned. There were 14 new members approved. The idea of sending out a letter to new applicants was suggested so that these members know that their applications have been received and are waiting for approval.

President Clark mentioned getting generic certificates and having Ms. Balson print them out and mail them immediately to the new members. VP Mitchell and Ms. Balson will work on getting these done.

V. Vice President / Programs, Education, Budget & Finance:

VP Steve Mitchell received a lot of positive feedback from members who were impressed with the last seminar. VP Mitchell suggested two possible topics for the October seminar, Civil Process Service and Marketing. The Civil Process class will be conducted by Ruth Reynolds and the Marketing class will be by CJ Bronstrup. VP Mitchell stated he would be in contact with Mr. Bronstrup to verify that he would attend. Mr. Bronstrup stated to VP Mitchell that he would not charge for the seminar, just travel and hotel expenses. Mr. Bronstrup has books and items that he sells for Marketing and would like to set these up at the seminar. The dates for the seminar were set for October 29th and 30th. The same information will be offered on both days, allowing attendees to choose either day. Treasurer Reynolds has been working on some other issues with Process Service and will put together a bio for the seminar. A motion was made to approve the seminar by VP Fletcher, 2nded by Past President Topp and the seminar was approved.

VI. Vice President / Legal and Legislative Issues:

VP Bill Fletcher stated the the dinner with Senator Garwood and Representative Walker went very well. VP Fletcher said they would be glad to introduce anything NCAPI proposes on the 74-C re-write. Senator Garwood is in communication with Frank Balance in the Senate and will pass on any information.

Past President Topp asked about the legality of the $100,000.00 being withdrawn from the Recovery Fund. Every fund has been hit, not just our industry's. The main concern is the PPS is self-funded; others are given money. The Attorney General sent a letter to the Governor stating that the $100,000.00 withdrawal out of private funds was illegal. President Clark stated he was trying to get a copy of this letter. He also stated he spoke to an attorney regarding this matter and will have more information soon.

Changes to the 74-C are now being drawn up in legislation. What the PPS has submitted will be put into legislation soon and Senator Garwood has asked for any issues we might want added or changed.

President Clark spoke to Rick Hattendorf recently. Mr. Hattendorf stated Reece Trimmer is still around, but is retired. Mr. Hattendorf also stated he is willing to help us with anything we wanted to discuss, but suggested NCAPI hire a lobbyist instead of an attorney.

New Business:

President Clark spoke of the PPSB meeting on August 17th, 2001 and the PPSB voted to send 4 members to the NASIR convention in Toronto, Canada. The 4 PPS members going are Mac Donaldson, Grady Conner, Bill Allen and Carlton Miles. President Clark expressed his concern of these members going and bringing nothing back regarding information, education, ideas, etc. He stated he was going to send a letter requesting notes or information be brought back so licensees can know what is going on. PPSB member Phyllis Lynch was not one of the 4 voted on to go and stated she would pay her own way to Toronto. President Clark asked the NCAPI Board to consider helping Ms. Lynch financially if she does indeed go to Toronto. Treasurer Reynolds made a motion to approve helping Ms. Lynch, Hayden Church seconded it, but the motion was not approved. However, a lengthy discussion was then held over this issue. VP Mitchell asked if she was financially assisted by NCAPI and went to Toronto, would that compromise her Board status. President Clark stated that the idea of Ms. Lynch going was her own idea and has accepted the financial burden of paying the trip for herself. He stated NCAPI would only be offering financial assistance, not paying for the entire trip. This matter was now held open because of the many different concerns of board members. President Clark stated he would bring this subject up in the General Meeting to gain opinions.

Old Business:

There was no old business discussed.

10:15a.m. – End of Board meeting

VI. General Membership Meeting:

This meeting was called to order at 10:30 am.

President Clark welcomed the 14 guests and introductions were made. He stated this was a General Board meeting for all members and guests. NCAPI now has 184 members to the Association.

The website was mentioned, noting that the minutes are posted on there for all members to read. President Clark asked for everyone to check their current information. The time for work on the new directories is approaching and any information that needs to be added or changed, should be done soon. Ms. Balson asked that no home addresses be on the applications, since this information will be posted on the website.

VP Mitchell spoke of the October 29th and 30th seminar in Greensboro on the topics of Civil Process Service and Marketing. Each topic will be a half day and both days will offer the same information. Ruth Reynolds and CJ Bronstrup will be the possible speakers for this seminar. Treasurer Reynolds stated she was working on a cost analysis on the Sheriffs Department on process service. She said she is just now getting started on this. Past President Topp offered to assist in any way she could. Ed Cobbler suggested contacting Lee Denney in Raleigh regarding this issue. A lengthy discussion was then held on serving civil papers and criminal papers. Russ Thomas suggested having some type of authority figure at the seminar to clarify any uncertainties regarding process service.

President Clark, who attended the PPSB meeting on August 17th, announced the positions of the PPSB Committees. They are:

Mac Donaldson, Chairman of the Board

Harold Elliot, VP Chairman

Bill Allen, Education Committee

Grady Conner, Screening Committee

Keith Shannon, 74-C Rewrite Committee

Carlton Miles, Grievance Committee

Phyllis Lynch, Finance Committee

The dates for the upcoming PPSB meetings were announced as:

October 11 & 12, Chapel Hill

December 13 & 14, Hickory

February 14 & 15, Greensboro

April 18 & 19, Wrightsville Beach

June 20 & 21, Southern Pines

August 15 & 16, Raleigh

The NCAPI meetings will be each Saturday after the PPSB meetings. A date for the Annual NCAPI meeting, which includes the elections, has not yet been set in January. President Clark will be unable to attend the October 13th, 2001 NCAPI meeting, so VP Hayden Church will "do it right". With the October meeting, it will be time to start on renewals and ads for the directory. January 1st, 2002 is the deadline for getting renewals in for the directory.

Frank Kiker, with Kiker Investigations, talked about now having a security dog and what services he provides. Screening for drugs at places of employment was one service he now offers.

Break at 11:30 AM
Metting back in session at 11:45 AM

VP Church talked about 'Investigators of America' a company offering searches for only $1.00. The website can be found at www.locateplus. com. Brian Knopp asked if these searches show who is asking for the information. There is some concern if it is the private investigator's name or the name of the company. Both VP Church and Mr. Knopp will look into this.

President Clark explained to the attendees the situation with Phyllis Lynch going to Toronto and NCAPI assisting with some of the finances. A rather lengthy discussion was held over the concern of NCAPI donating any funds. Questions regarding what if other members wanted to go and whether NCAPI should also assist them. It was decided that President Clark would contact Charles McDarris, the PPS attorney, and get his opinion on this matter. A member of the NCAPI Board then would contact Ms. Lynch and ask her if she would accept a donation to help with the costs of going to Toronto.

Past President Topp is going to Washington, DC in September for NCISS for the annual "Lobby the Hill". She asked NCAPI to fund this trip, stating it would not cost more than $500.00. The benefit of Ms. Topp was going was questioned. President Clark stated he had no problem with Ms. Topp going as long as she would bring back some information to share. He them made a motion to approve the trip, it was 2nded by Treasurer Reynolds and the motion was passed.

There was then a motion made to assist Phyllis Lynch with the Toronto trip, after President Clark spoke to Mr. McDarris and if Ms. Lynch would accept the donation. The motion was 2nded by Hayden Church and the motion was passed.

A motion was made, 2nded and the meeting was adjourned at 1:02 PM.

List of Members and Guests present:

Russ Thomas, Steve Mitchell, Dan Wilson, Jill Rabick, Christina Kiker, Jeff Kiker, Frank Kiker, Rick Edwards, Tom Rose, James Edwards, Hayden Church, Clint Copper, Paul Schroll, Brian Knopp, Ed Cobbler, RJ Provost, Bill Fletcher, Ruth Reynolds, Kimberly Balson, Monty Clark, and Lenora Topp.

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