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April 2001 Minutes
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators

Southern Pines, North Carolina Holiday Inn- Morganton Road

April 21st, 2001 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:

Monty Clark, Lenora Topp, Hayden Church, Ruth Reynolds, Allen Innis, Bill Fletcher, Kimberly Balson, (assistant secretary)

Board Members not present: Steve Mitchell, Jennifer McKenzie

I. Meeting Called to Order:

The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:23 a.m. President Clark welcomed the attendees.

II. Minutes:

Minutes from the meeting held on February 17th, 2001 in Wrightsville Beach, NC were read by the assistant secretary, Kimberly Balson. The minutes were amended and a motion was made for acceptance. The motion was 2nd and approved.

III. Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Reynolds’ gave a report stating all bills have been paid to date. Four deposits were made totaling $2,450.00 into the checking account. The beginning balance of the checking account on 01/16/2001 was $262.77 with an ending balance on 04/18/2001 of $85.36.

The beginning balance of the money market account on 01/16/2001 was $7,938.88 with an ending balance on 04/18/2001 of $7,064.33. A transfer of funds of $900.00 was made into the checking account from the money market account to cover the cost of the website. $460.00 was received for new members, renewals, lapel pins and advertisements for the directory. Two new applicants were approved.

Lenora Topp suggested that NCAPI receive a copy of all licenses along with new applications. This is not currently a requirement listed on the application, but should be added in the future.

President Clark stated that the cost of printing the 170 directories was $369.00. $669.00 was the total cost, but $300.00 was received from members placing ads in the directory. The cost of printing these directories can be decreased even more in the upcoming years if more ads were submitted and published in the directory.

A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made by Bill Fletcher, seconded by Allen Innis and the report was approved.

IV. Administrative Vice President / Membership & Public Relations: VP Hayden Church suggested contacting Bill Best, a forensic analyst in Charlotte regarding advertising in the directory in 2002. He had no other report on items at this time.

V. Vice President / Programs, Education, Budget & Finance: VP Steve Mitchell was not present due to an emergency and President Clark spoke regarding a possible seminar on Domestic Affairs and Personal Injury Investigations. There is not an official date and place, but sometime in June in Greensboro, NC was proposed. This will be a 2 day class, with the same information offered each day, allowing attendees to choose the day they wish to attend. A lengthy discussion was held regarding who will be funding this seminar.

Lenora Topp suggested contacting Wayne Woodard to request the funds. Due to the nature of this course, there was some concern about inviting the entire industry, particularly the guard and patrol industry. Domestic affairs and insurance investigations might not be attractive to all licensees and a concern was presented of the amount of attendees the seminar would have. If NCAPI was to fund the seminar, there is a possibility of charging the members to cover the cost.

The possibility of having the PPS pay for half of the costs was discussed. Lenora Topp was opposed to having NCAPI fund any part of the seminar. Treasurer Reynolds proposed asking the PPS for the funds to see what their reply would be. She stated until NCAPI gets more financially stable, we should have the seminars be funded by the PPS.

VP Fletcher made a motion to get PPS approval for the seminar and to hold the seminar in June. The motion was passed, and because of the short time period until June, things were going to have to move very quickly.

VI. Vice President / Legal and Legislative Issues: VP Bill Fletcher stated that in regards to the 74-C re-write issue, nothing new was going to be introduced according to the meeting in March at Duke Power. At the PPSB meeting on 04/23/2001 in regards to legal and legislative issues, a meeting with Keith Shannon is being awaited on.

Bill Fletcher and Hayden Church will be attending a legislative delegation dinner on May 16th with Senator John Garwood and Representative Tracy Walker.

Lenora Topp again suggested obtaining an attorney for NCAPI to assist with legal and legislative issues. A second meeting could not be arranged with Reice Trimmer, due to his phone numbers being disconnected. This meeting was a preview of setting up a meeting with Rich Hatterdorf. Ms. Topp suggested contacting Rufus Edmiston, former Attorney General, for advice on legal issues.

10:12a.m. – Break

VI. General Membership Meeting: This meeting was called to order at 10:32 am .

A welcome was given by President Monty Clark to the 11 guests and members that were present. President Clark presented the new directories and informed everyone of the updated website. An introduction by the members and guests followed. VP Hayden Church thanked President Clark for all his time and hard work he has put into the directories and with his position as President of NCAPI.

President Clark briefly, but adamantly spoke about the lack of response he has received from emails from NCAPI members. Emails were sent out asking for opinions regarding the new credentials and possible badges. He received a very small response with his first email, but after a second, more blunt email, the response was much greater.

New Business

President Clark read a list of items that are being changed to the 74-C, according to Keith Shannon. It will be 2 years before any of these changes are made.

These items included: Changing the Administrator’s title to Director; The number of the PPS board members dropping down to 9 (5 being non-industry, 4 industry); Changing the name of Counter Intelligence license to Electronic Counter Measures; The Director approving applications for associates to reduce the waiting time; Confidentiality of Licensees regarding addresses and photos; The state law changing regarding the CCW permit, adding a Level I and Level II; A separate EP License that once thought to be tabled is still being researched and is a very good possibility; Education for Private Investigators; The ability to withhold a report from a client until all fees have been paid in full; Eliminating the credit check issue; New Credentials still being proposed and Terms for renewing licenses.

Reciprocity with South Carolina has been approved. The 30 days of being allowed to work will start when you enter the state, not when you sign the contract with the client.

Ed Cobbler was recommended as a candidate for PPSB. A motion was made to endorse Mr. Cobbler, 2nd, and passed.

Jeff Kiker recently attended a seminar on forensics, murder and accident investigations in Boston . Thirty minutes will be set aside at the June meeting for him to discuss the seminar.

Lenora Topp gave information regarding NCISS and an upcoming meeting in Vail, Colorado on May 2nd. Ms.Topp stated she would like to attend but felt the airlines were too expensive. President Clark offered $100.00 for the trip and this was matched by McCoy Faulkner. The cost of the airline tickets will be looked into. A motion was made to approve her to go to Vail, 2nd, and passed with NCAPI providing the funds.

Old Business

There was no old business at this time.

The next meeting on Saturday June 16th in Charlotte (Lake Norman) was announced.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:23 PM.

List of Members and Guests present:

Russ Thomas, Troy Fleming, Ted Gartman, Rick Clayton, Frank Kiker, Chris Kiker, Jeff Kiker, Tom Rose, Patrick Greene, McCoy Faulkner, Mark Gagmon, Ed Cobbler

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