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February 2001 Minutes
North Carolina Association of Private Investigators

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Holiday Inn- Sunspree February 17, 2001- Minutes General Meeting

Board Members Present: Monty Clark, Lenora Topp, Steve Mitchell, Hayden Church, Ruth Reynolds, Jennifer McKenzie

Board Members not present: Allen Innis, Bill Fletcher

I. Meeting Called to Order: The meeting was called to order at approximately 9:10 a.m. President Clark welcomed all members .

II. Minutes: Minutes from the annual meeting held on January 13th, 2001 in Greensboro, NC were read by Secretary McKenzie. An amendment to the meetings to add the complete listing of members present was approved. A motion to accept the minutes was made, seconded and the minutes were approved.

III. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Reynolds’ gave a beginning balance on 01/16/20001 of $262.77 and an ending balance of the same for the checking account. She followed with a beginning balance on 01/31/20001 of $7,938.88 and an ending balance of the same for the money market account.
A discussion followed concerning the Registered Agent. It was determined that any board member could be the Registered Agent and Past President Topp would remain the Registered Agent. Treasurer Reynolds stated she was going to research the exact non-profit status of NCAPI and make sure we are following all guidelines.

IV. Administrative Vice President / Membership & Public Relations: VP Church reported he was obtaining the names of new licensees. A discussion was held on getting the certificates out to members. It was decided that President Clark would obtain a signature stamp and Past President Topp would obtain a new seal. These items will be given to VP Church to assist with printing the certificates. Secretary McKenzie will also be sending out the complete membership list in Word format for everyone to check over and make any necessary changes prior to the directory getting out.

V. Vice President / Programs, Education, Budget & Finance: A discussion was held about having ideas for seminars come from the NCAPI members and possibly having NCAPI fund the seminars. If NCAPI funded the seminars all the professions of PPS would not be invited when the seminar was for information that was solely Private Investigator related. A possible class of Executive Protection was proposed as a possible topic. Larry Davis in Georgia was suggested for such a class and discussion was held about contacting him about traveling and class expenses. VP Mitchell would be in contact with him very soon.

10:15 a.m. – Break

VI. General Membership Meeting:

This meeting was called to order at 10:40 am .

A welcome to all members and guests was given by the new President, Monty Clark. President Clark opened the meeting to everyone, welcoming any suggestions or thoughts regarding any issues such as the PPSB, licenses, the 74-C Re-write, etc.

President Clark stated the PPSB was moving into a new building and the rent for the offices was increasing from $30,000 a year to $75,000 a year. The concern of where this additional money is coming from was discussed.

The 74- C rewrite topic was addressed by President Monty Clark and he stated that he thought everything was settled regarding a separate license for Executive Protection, continuing education, licensing fees and insurance costs. These issues may be challenged by several PPSB members and NCAPI may be facing a battle. An open meeting regarding the re-write is being set up and information regarding time and place is being awaited on.

Thalia Linder offered information that a separate EP license is a possibility with the PPSB. They feel not all private investigators should be doing EP work and this is the reason why the additional license is needed.

Russell Thomas questioned all the different licenses and why do we need so many of them. A lengthy discussion was held on this subject. Marilyn Mosser inquired about targeting the legislative side regarding the licenses and fees.

Past President Lenora Topp suggested that the NCAPI look into the possibility of having an attorney. She also stated she felt the membership fees for NCAPI should be raised.

Troy Fleming asked about the new firearms training requirements. Thalia Linder stated that the new requirements will be 20 hours for new applicants and 4 hours plus range time for renewals. This will go into effect in 2002.

Steve Mitchell suggested contacting law firms, stating attorneys have both the money and the resources for the type of support that NCAPI is in need of. NCAPI needs more members in order to become a stronger voice and to be more of a majority when fighting for issues regarding our industry.

A lengthy discussion was held on the size of the PPSB. Why the increase of members? Advantages and disadvantages of the numbers of members were discussed. Steve Mitchell stated that maybe every individual on the PPSB should be questioned by an attorney about what they are doing for the industry and if necessary, file lawsuits to put some pressure on them.

Russell Thomas offered information regarding Reece Trimmer, who lives in NC. He stated that he felt Mr. Trimmer would offer a few hours to NCAPI so that legal issues could be asked about. Mr. Trimmer works with Richard L. Hattendorf, who is an attorney and could perhaps be a legal advisor to NCAPI. Having Mr. Trimmer come to a special meeting was discussed.

It was asked that a letter be sent to all NCAPI members and private investigators asking for information regarding any attorneys that may be willing to work for NCAPI. The fees and the costs of having an attorney is a concern and will be looked into. Marilyn Mosser offered NCAPI $5,000.00 to put into a retainer for such an attorney. McCoy Faulkner felt this issue should be addressed before the next meeting and a committee was formed called the Legal Research Committee.

McCoy Faulkner, Monty Clark and Russell Thomas will meet within a week to explore seeking counsel and the needs of an attorney for NCAPI and anyone who would like to be a part was asked to join. Marilyn Mosser offered to do some research for the committee. Bill Fletcher, VP of Legislative and Legal reports, was not present.

President Clark suggested getting a legal assistance fund and concerns about the legalities and ramifications was discussed and will be researched.

North Carolina now has reciprocity with South Carolina. It has been agreed upon and signed, but not yet put into effect.

The budget of the PPSB was mentioned by President Clark, stating they have a balance of $932,784.62 as of January 1, 2001. As of January 1, 2001 the recovery fund had a balance of $363,318.50.

A copy of the proposed new credentials was passed around. The PPSB has not accepted any yet, but is just getting an idea. Suggestions for the new credentials included an embossed seal, possible thermal picture images, and making them narrower to fit into pockets. Any suggestions regarding the design are welcome.

There was no old business at this time.

The next meeting on Saturday April 21st in Southern Pines was announced.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:38 PM.

List of Members present:

Kimberly Balson, McCoy Faulkner, David Chavis, Rick Clayton, Troy Fleming, Thalia Linder, Frank Kiker, Ron Avery, Barbara Brennan, Lisa Boone, Carlton Boone, Bernie Loos, Fred McKinney, Marian Mosser, Russell Thomas

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