Meeting Minutes >> January 2007 - Annual Conference and Elections
January 2007 - Annual Conference and Elections

Annual Meeting January 2007


NCAPI Annual Meeting and Elections

January 20, 2007



Board Members Present:

Ruth Reynolds

Robert (Monty) Clark

Audra Coleman

Larry Flannery

Steve Mitchell

Jeff Kiker



Welcome and Call to Order

President Ruth Reynolds called the meeting to order at 9:00 am.

She thanked everyone for coming and then introduced the members of the board.

Ed Cobbler was named Sergeant of Arms.



Members in Attendance

Ruth Reynolds                       Reynolds Professional Services

Audra Coleman                      Cameo Investigations

Barbara Bacon                       Cameo Investigations

Larry Flannery                       Scott & Associates Investigations

Monty Clark                          Clark & Associates

Tammy Clark             Clark & Associates

Phillip Hanson                        CSI

Ed Cobbler                             ELC Investigative Services

Michael Cheek                      Priority Plus Investigations

Fred McKinney                      Southeastern Investigations

Frank Kiker                           Kiker Investigations

Shelly Kiker                           Kiker Investigations

Warren Langham                  

Bennett Cale                          Cale & Associates

Shannon Fowler

Harley Sanders                      DC Investigations

Bill Fletcher                            Fletcher Investigations

Kristie Land                           Wilson & Wilson Investigations, Inc.

Patrick Land                           Wilson & Wilson Investigations, Inc.                          

Max Astor

Rick Eatmon                          Eatmon and Associates Investigative Group

Tim McIntyre             Global Security and Information

Cyndy Gunther                       Tarheel Investigations

Jack Fanning                          Carolinas Investigative Group, LLC

George Funderburk               Funderburk’s Investigative Service

Paul Seguin                             Abacus Research

Keith Hollen                           Eagle Eye Detective Agency

Tom Rose                               Kiker Investigations

Grady Conner                        Conner Investigative Services, LLC

Greg Scott                              Scott and Associates Investigations

Hayden Church                      Track’em Investigations

Greg Whitfield                       Professional Surveillance

Clyde Cook                            Clyde Cook & Associates

Steve Mitchell                        Associates Inv. Consultants

Paul Schroll                            Corporate Intelligence Solutions



President’s Report – Ruth Reynolds

Ruth thanked the board members for their work this year. She thanked the board members that were appointed into their positions because of the members that left.

She them encouraged the association members to stay involved.


Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Kiker

It was reported that the association spent $8728.22 for the educational seminar in September.

The deposits that were made during this time were $8233.00.

$404.54           Interest on CD & Money Market account

$52.32             Wachovia interest

$311.70           Click-Com

$10356.35       2 CD’s

$8055.97         First Century Money Market

$808.30           PAC Fund

$3285.44         Lobbyist fund

$4230.37         Checkbook balance

Ruth Reynolds made a motion to accept Jeff’s report.

Monty Clark 2nd the motion.

All in favor. The motion passed.

Legislative and Legal Report - Larry Flannery

Be aware of 74C coming to legislation and what it can do for our association.

Make your representatives aware of the rewrite and ask them for their support.

If you need to see the changes that are being made on 74C, go to our website.


Grady Conner spoke on 74C – he has been involved since 1988.

Call your senators in your district and get them involved. New legislation calls for 14 board members for PPSB, these newly elected board members should be members of the industry.


Greg Scott – There is no other board in the world that is not made up of industry members.


Jack Fanning – Made a request that we send out an email about the organizations stand on 74C so that our members are aware.


Tim McIntyre – Reiterated what Grady Conner has stated, don’t sit back, actively campaign and support 74C.


Monty Clark made a motion to accept Larry’s report.

Jeff Kiker 2nd the motion.

All in favor. The motion passed.



Membership Report – Audra Coleman

We currently have 187 members, which will change after today. Several people renewed and some new members were acquired today.

The association is asking PPSB to add a place on their applications for an email address to lower our costs when trying to contact members.

Thanked the board for the opportunity to serve, thanked Ruth Reynolds for the appointment.

We are trying to update the website, hopes that everyone is getting their emails.

Asked for input from the current members on getting new membership.


Ruth Reynolds made a motion to accept Audra’s report.

Monty Clark 2nd the motion.

All in favor. The motion passed.



Ethics and By-Laws Report – Steve Mitchell

New unlicensed activity has been reported to the board and they have sent out letters to request they immediately halt all actions.

If anyone is aware of any unlicensed activity, please report it to the board. If you want to be anonymous, send the information to a board member and we will send it to the PPSB.

Ruth Reynolds has asked the board to send us a letter every time they send one out so that we may follow up with the DA in the county.


Ruth Reynolds made a motion to accept Steve’s report.

Larry Flannery 2nd the motion.

All in favor. The motion passed.


9:50am BREAK


Ruth Reynolds called the meeting back to order at 10:16am.


Nomination Committee Report – Larry Flannery

Vice President              Audra Coleman

                                    Jack Fanning

                                    Bill Fletcher

                                    Paul Schroll

                                    Larry Flannery

Secretary                      Bill Dover

President                      Monty Clark

Treasurer                      Jeff Kiker


Ruth Reynolds made a motion to accept Larry’s report.

Audra 2nd the motion.

All in favor. The motion passed.


Old Business



New Business

Fred McKinney thinks that the board needs to increase the cost of membership to at least $100.00.

Greg Scott says that we need to look into corporate sponsorship at approximately $250.00/year. Maybe the primary member pays $100.00 and then each additional member gets a discount.

Steve Mitchell stated that if the board raised the cost of the membership that everyone needed to pay the same amount because everyone was carry the same amount of responsibility not just the agency.

Paul Sequin encouraged the use of vendors.

Tim McIntyre stressed the continuing education as a way to increase membership.

Ruth Reynolds requested a vote by the attending members on the raising of the dues, in order to get an idea of what everyone thought. The majority voted NOT to increase dues.

Greg Scott congratulated everyone for helping the association stay around for 20 years.


Ruth requested nominations from the floor for the upcoming elections.

President          None

A motion for the nominations to be closed was made by Greg Scott

Grady Conner 2nd


Treasurer          None

A motion for the nominations to be closed was made by Ed Cobbler

Jeff Kiker 2nd


Secretary          Kristie Land

A motion for the nominations to be closed was made by Frank Kiker

Ed Cobbler 2nd


Vice President              Michael Cheek

                                    Paul Sequin

A motion for the nominations to be closed was made by Ed Cobbler

Phil Hansen 2nd


Ruth called for vote on VP & Secretary– and ballots were collected by Tammy Clark & Harley Sanders who are not participating members of the Association.


11:07am BREAK


Ruth Reynolds called the meeting back to order at 11:27am.


The following are the 2007 board members:

President                    Monty Clark

Treasurer                   Jeff Kiker

Secretary                    Kristie Land

Vice Presidents          Larry Flannery

                                    Bill Fletcher

                                    Audra Coleman

                                    Jack Fanning


Ruth Reynolds then gave out 20th Anniversary Appreciation Awards to attending members:

Clyde Cook

Greg Scott


Charter Member Certificates were given to attending members:

Ed Cobbler

Tim McIntyre

Greg Scott


Ruth Reynolds then introduced the 2007 President Monty Clark to the membership.


Monty Clark thanked everyone for their continuing support. He made the request that as many members as possible come to the PPSB meetings to fill the room with PI’s. He then thanked everyone for attending the meeting today and noted that the next meeting, 2/16/07 in Raleigh, would be posted on the website.


Ruth Reynolds then requested a vote on the days that the meetings are to be held on. They currently are on Fridays and that the members need to vote to see if they were to remain that way.


A vote was taken and the majority of the membership that was attending request that the meetings stay on Fridays following the PPSB meetings.


At 11:44am Ruth Reynolds adjourned the meeting and thanked everyone again for coming.

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