Meeting Minutes >> February 2007 Minutes

February 2007 Meeting Minutes


February 16, 2007   2:00 PM



Board Members Present:


Monty Clark-President

Ruth Reynolds-Past President

Audra Coleman-Vice President/Membership

Bill Fletcher-Vice President/Legislative & Legal Affairs

Larry Flannery-Vice President/Programs, Education, Budget, Finance

Jack Fanning-Vice President/Ethics and By-laws

Jeff Kiker-Treasurer

Kristie Land-Secretary


Welcome and Call to Order


President Monty Clark called the meeting to order at 2:15pm.


Monty thanked everyone for coming. He asked that each member would introduce themselves.


Members in Attendance


Mike Sansom               Sansom Investigations

John Jordan                  Deer Chase Investigations

Richard E. Wilson         Wilson & Wilson Investigations, Inc.

Todd Lane                   Carolina Investigative Research

Chris Hilton                  Hilton Investigative Service

James Hilton                 Hilton Investigative Service

Bill Dover                     Kiker Investigations

Thalia Ellis                    Progressive Investigations & Training Solutions

Russ Thomas                Thomas Associates



Monty read the names of new member applicants for approval by the board.

Motion to accept-Jack Fanning

Seconded-Bill Fletcher










Legislative and Legal-Bill Fletcher


Larry stated we are in the process of trying to get an industry appointment on the PPSB.

Larry also stated that Senator Clodfelter is sponsoring the 74C Rewrite. We are continuing to voice our concerns with the PPSB about insurance requirements, carrying a concealed weapon, and stopping unlicensed activity. The PPSB is having a special called meeting Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 11:00am in their offices at the Hanover Building in Raleigh.


Motion to accept-Larry Flannery

Second-Jack Fanning



Membership-Audra Coleman


Audra stated she will call those who have not renewed their membership. She does not have exact number yet on membership totals. Please call her if you need anything or have any suggestions on ways to increase membership.


Motion to accept-Ruth Reynolds

Second-Larry Flannery



Treasurer-Jeff Kiker


2 CDís                         $10,356.35

Money Market             $8,060.08

PAC Fund                    $808.30

Lobbyist Fund              $3,285.44

Checking                      $9,720.84       

Total Assests                $32,231.01


Motion to accept-Ruth Reynolds

Second- Larry Flannery



Programs and Education-Larry Flannery


Larry stated there will be seminar training this Spring and he would like volunteers to be on committees.


Motion to accept-Ruth Reynolds

Second- Bill Fletcher




Secretary-Kristie Land


No report


Ethics and By-laws-Jack Fanning


Jack reported that he has received no reports of unlicensed activity. There are two ways to report it either on the NCAPI website or the new newsletter. The newsletter will launch next week. Jack asked for input on the newsletter from members.


Monty stated to visit the website, there a lot of new ideas on there.


Ruth told Jack he has done a great job on the newsletter and website.


Motion to accept-Ruth Reynolds

Second- Audra Coleman




New Business


Next NCAPI Meeting:


April 20, 2007


Hilton-Water Street

Wilmington, NC


Monty stated to please stay active with PPSB and he will continue to check on the unlicensed activity being reported in Charlotte.


Russ Thomas asked for an agenda for the meetings in the future. The board will look into having this the next time.


Members discussed how to report and prosecute unlicensed activity. Ruth stated it is in our hands. We need to report it to law enforcement and follow-up. The cease and desist orders arenít effective. She would like to see high fines placed on the people caught. Monty stated he will make a proposal to the PPSB about this issue.


Ruth shared information about a conference in April. It is conducted by Reid Preferred Group. It will be held April 2-4 at the Charlotte Marriot Executive Park. The cost is normally $520.00 but our discount makes it $420.00. More information will be on the website.


Ruth also stated that American Income Life (AIL) insurance has offered NCAPI members $4000.00 in Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance for free. A form will be sent to every member once we receive them.


Enterprise Rental Cars also has agreed to give us the government rate on rental cars. You can go to the members area on our website to get the number.


Charles Blankenship will be coming to speak at one of our meeting about software.


Ruth also stated she is continuing to work on continued education with community colleges.


This yearís scheduled meetings are as follows:


April 20-Wilmington

June 15-Raleigh

Aug. 17-Asheville

Oct. 19-Raleigh

Dec. 14-Raleigh


Ruth made a motion to adjourn.

Second-Jack Fanning


Meeting adjourned.


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